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MCQs of Chemistry for Entry Tests – Chemistry Quiz with Answers

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Chemistry Quiz with Answers for PPSC, CSS, NTS, FPSC, PMS, OTS, PTS Exams and Interviews

This post contains Chemistry Quiz with Answers for PPSC, CSS, NTS, FPSC, PMS, OTS, PTS Exams and Interviews. This is the 5th post of MCQs of Chemistry 1st series. MCQs are taken from Caravan Comprehensive Book. Students can practice these Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions for MCAT and ECAT entry tests. Some more MCQs on Chemistry are also available.

MCQs of Chemistry for Entry Tests like MCAT, ECAT and Competitive Exams

Counting of this Quiz is starting from 61. For preivous MCQs Click This.

61. Chemically soap is?

(a) Base
(b) Acid
(c) Salt
(d) Hydrocarbon

(c) Salt

62. Lipids are_______.

(a) Long chain fatty acid esters
(b) Long chain sulphonic acid esters
(c) Polymeric hydrocarbons
(d) Polymeric aldehydes

(a) Long chain fatty acid esters

63. Digestion of fat in intestine is aided by________.

(a) Diffusion
(b) Protection
(c) Peptization
(d) Emulsification

(d) Emulsification

64. Firdous Al Hikmat Fe Ilmul Kemia was written by_______.

(a) Alberuni
(b) Jabir bin Haiyan
(c) Khalid bin Yazeed
(d) Bu-Ali-Sina

(c) Khalid bin Yazeed

65. Ammonia was obtained from urine by _________.

(a) Aljahiz
(b) Wohler
(c) Jabir bin Haiyan
(d) Al-Beruni

(b) Wohler

66. Madam Curie is famous for his work in the field of_________.

(a) Biochemistry
(b) Nuclear Chemistry
(c) Analytical Chemistry
(d) Organic Chemistry

(b) Nuclear Chemistry

67. Who was first to prepare sulphuric acid?

(a) Aristotle
(b) Dalton
(c) Bohr
(d) Jabir Bin Hayan

(d) Jabir Bin Hayan

68. Dalton’s atomic theory gave the concept of __________.

(a) Valency
(b) Electrons
(c) Radioactivity
(d) Ionization

(a) Valency

69. When radioactive rays are passed through air or any gas, they cause it to_________.

(a) Ionize
(b) Evaporate
(c) Freeze
(d) Boil

(a) Ionize

70. The elements in the first period of the periodic table are_________.

(a) Hydrogen and helium
(b) Hydrogen, helium, nitrogen and oxygen
(c) Hydrogen, helium and carbon
(d) Hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen

(a) Hydrogen and helium

71. The reason for chlorinating water is____________.

(a) To propagate germs
(b) To add taste
(c) To add minerals
(d) To kill germs

(d) To kill germs

72. Cooling of vapors of some compounds change them directly into solid state. This phenomenon is called__________.

(a) Sublimation
(b) Evaporation
(c) Condensation
(d) Crystallization

(c) Condensation

73. Carbonated drinks are examples of_________.

(a) Gas in gas
(b) Gas in water
(c) Gas in solid
(d) Solid in liquid

(b) Gas in water

74. Smoke is a solution of_________.

(a) Solid in solid
(b) Solid in liquid
(c) Solid in gas
(d) Gas in gas

(c) Solid in gas

75. Fog is an example of____________.

(a) Gas in Gas
(b) Gas in liquid
(c) Liquid in gas
(d) Liquid in liquid

(c) Liquid in gas

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