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Letter to a friend Who is Sick and is Indoor Patient in a Hospital


Sample Letter to a Friend Who Is Sick and Hospitalized

If you are searching for a sample on Letter to a Friend Who is Sick and is indoor Patient in a Hospital, then you can read the below letter sample. I am posting this letter here for the students of Class 9, Class 10 and Class 11. This is a little lengthy letter example but if you are searching for simple and easy letters for junior classes of Class 6,  7 and 8 then Click Here. In this post, you will send him wishes for his early recovery. You can English Letters for more letter examples. But before this, knowing about what is an informal letter and how to write it is also important for students. You should also know about the features of an informal letter.

Write a letter to your friend who is Sick and Admitted in a Hospital, encouraging him and praying for his early recovery.

13/5, Town Ship,
December 2, 2001.

My dear Irfan,

I was really sad to learn that you had met with an accident yesterday. Your brother told me that you had received some injuries in your head and fractured your right arm. This bad news was a source of great anxiety to all of us.

Thank God, you are now in safe hands. The doctors of the hospital are very well qualified. You will get the best treatment. I am sure, your injuries will be healed very soon. You will have to take complete rest for some time.

You need not worry about your studies. No doubt, work in the school I sin full swing, but I am preparing notes of what is being taught in the school. After your recovery, I shall give you super A-one notes on every subject.

I shall visit your house this Sunday. Please do not hesitate to write if there is any service for me.

Yours sincerely,

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