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Formal Letter Example | Report on Illiteracy Disadvantages for BSC


Formal Letter | Write a Report on the Condition in the society due to illiteracy addressed to the Editor of Newspaper. P.U. 2001 Supplementary

Here is an informal letter example to the editor of newspaper submitting him a report on illiteracy disadvantages. This report writing format is especially for BSC students. However, other people can get benefit from this report as well. Start writing the disadvantages one by one and at the end give some suggestions to control illiteracy. You may also like Report on College Busses for BSC Students.

Formal Letter Example to the Editor submitting him a report on illiteracy Disadvantages

Dated: June 18, 2010


the Editor,
The Dawn,

From: A responsible Citizen of Society

Subject: Disadvantages of illiteracy.


As a responsible citizen of Pakistan, I am shocked to know that majority of our population is illiterate and uneducated. I am greatly concerned at it. l have prepared a report against illiteracy in order to enlighten the public opinion about it. I submit the report as under.

First disadvantage:

Illiteracy is a curse for any country. Its disadvantages are many. The first, great disadvantage of illiteracy is that it takes the man away from God and the Holy Prophet (PBUH). All uneducated person cannot form a correct opinion about God and the Holy Prophet (PBUH). In this way, he stands at a great disadvantage in this world and the world Hereafter.

Second disadvantage:

An illiterate person cannot gain any knowledge through books magazines or newspapers. In this way, he is cut off from the mainstream of society. He remains unaware of the modern, inventions and discoveries taking place at every minute in the world.

Third disadvantage:

An illiterate and uneducated person cannot know well about his rights and duties in society. He cannot easily understand the laws of the country and policies of the Government. He cannot exercise properly his democratic rights. He cannot know the conditions prevailing in and outside his country.

Fourth disadvantage:

The greatest disadvantage that an uneducated person suffers is that he cannot make much progress in life. He cannot get a good job. He cannot run a business on sound footing. He remains ignorant about the modem means of cultivation. He fails as a labourer, a farmer and a shop-keeper. An illiterate person is a complete failure in life.


  1. It is suggested that the Govt. should make a drive against illiteracy on print and electronic media.
  2. An illiterate person should be discouraged in society.
  3. The government should set up literacy centres in large numbers in our city.



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