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English Report Writing Example on College Buses for BSC Students


English Report Writing Format on Report on College Buses from a Student

Here is a Report writing example on “a report on college buses from student” for the Students of BSC in which a student will write a report to the principle of college telling his the condition of different buses. In this Report writing format, the student will tell about the miserable condition of buses and will give the suggestions to improve too.

Write and Submit a Report to the Principal of Your college about the performance of College Buses | Report Writing Example

Date: June 18, 2010


The Principal,
Govt. College,

From: A Student

Subject: Report on College Buses from a Student.


As a degree student of your college. I have prepared a report on the function and performance of college buses. I submit the report as under

As you know, our college is the biggest college in the city. Students from far off areas come here to seek knowledge. The college administration has arranged four buses for the transportation of the students. But unfortunately, these buses have practically become inoperative.

The function of the Buses:

There is bus No. LHE 2001. This bus was purchased for the college students eight or nine years ago. It was a new bus, but its constant operation has rendered it unfit. It remains out of order most of the time. It breaks down on the way and causes great trouble for the students. They reach the college late and usually miss the first period.

Bus No. S.A 2512: There is another bus No. S.A 2512. This is a new bus. It has comfortable seats and carries more than sixty students at a time. Its condition is not very bad. However, it is not repaired as soon as it goes out of order. It is not taken to the workshop as soon as it needs repair. The result is that it does not render complete service.

Bus No. F.D 4551: The bus No. F.D 4551, was purchased for the college five years ago. It was an old and seCOnd-hand bus. The college authority lacked funds in those days and it was bought out of sheer necessity. Being an old vehicle, it does not function properly and gives bad service to the students. The college administration has spent a huge amount of money on its service and maintenance.

Bus No. M12550: The bus having this number, was purchased two years ago. It is a good bus’ and is serving the students properly This is an air-conditioned bus and it has comfortable seats. But unfortunately, its driver who is a careless and irresponsible person does not give proper attention to its repair and maintenance. Sometimes, it remains off the road.


  1. A separate department from the college staff should be set up to look after the maintenance of these buses.
  2. The old and second-hand bus F.D 4551 must be sold and it should be replaced by a new one.
  3. More funds should be raised to purchase new air-conditioned buses.
  4. The dishonest and careless drivers must be taken to task.

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