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Essay on The Importance of Commerce Education with Outlines


English Essay on The Importance of Commerce Education in Pakistan with Outline for Class 12, 2nd Year, F.A, FSC, B.A, BSC and Bcom

Here is an English Essay on The Importance of Commerce Education with Outline In Pakistan for Graduation Students. However, students of Class 10, Class 12, F.A, FSC, B.A, BSC, and Bcom and prepare this essay. This essay has been taken from Functional English by (Imran Hashmi) Azeem Academy. This is a detailed essay with outlines. In the modern age, commerce education is very important and this essay will discuss its different points. You can visit English Essays Writing for more essays.

Importance of Commerce Education Essay Outlines

  1. We have a weak system of education
  2. We impart useless knowledge to our students.
  3. Modern counties are ruling the world because of their advancement in education.
  4. The government should make our educational system more effective.
  5. Commerce education should be promoted
  6. European countries formulated an excellent system to improve their commerce and trade.
  7. A commerce graduate can handle the market easily
  8. Our private sector is very keen on commerce education.
  9. Technology has brought many changes in the field of commerce and trade.
  10. Only commerce Education can provide suitable professionals.
  11. Hopefully, our government will take important steps to promote Commerce Education in the country.

Our education system is not working as properly as the developed countries of the world. Most of the students in our schools and colleges are not receiving a proper education. They are misdirected by the people who are not aware of the needs of the modern age. There is a basic disadvantage in our educational system. We are educating our students for useless knowledge. The simple education imparted in schools and colleges does not help the students in making their careers. They are unable to earn a decent living.

Europe and America are ruling the world just because of their advancement in education. Our government should understand the need of this age and should change the present educational system into a pragmatic, job oriented and specialized knowledge-based system. We must plan our Commerce Education system according to the needs of the international market. |The motive of Commerce Education should be to train such professionals who can work for the promotion of commerce and trade of the country. European nations realized the great advantages of Commerce Education therefore their industry and trade spread rapidly. They formulated a system of Commerce Education giving stress on professional skills and efficiency.

Only commerce Education can provide good business administrators and managers. The only way to compete with the international market is to improve our professional skills. Commerce as a subject should be promoted. A commerce graduate should be given priority over a simple graduate in the job market. Commerce has a vast variety in itself as it deals with Business, Banking, Accounting, Finance, Law, Income Tax, Business Statistics, and Business Communication.

A person having such knowledge in a profession can perform better than others. He can handle the professional problems more skillfully than a common man. Our government is still not playing its proper role to promote Commerce Education on modern grounds. But it is a matter of satisfaction that our private sector is very keen on this subject. They are updating the traditional approaches and adopting the latest techniques and methodologies to meet the challenges of the age. Practically the world has no geographical boundaries these days. Technological advancement has brought tremendous revolution in the fields of commerce and trade. Business is no more a native phenomenon.

Commerce and industry are directly related to each other. Our trade can only flourish if it has the right kind of professionals. Only Commerce education can produce specialists who can benefit our trade, industry, and economy. Our youth is very keen to learn and adopt this vast field. The prosperity of a country depends on its ability to trade with other countries.

It is hoped that the government will take important steps to establish a Commerce institution in every corner of the country. This is the only way to survive in this age of competition.

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