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Essay on Overpopulation with Outline


Essay on Overpopulation with Outline for Class 10, Class 12, 2nd Year, BA, BSc and F.A, FSc Students

This post contains an Essay on Overpopulation with Outline for students. The Overpopulation Essay is important for B.A and BSc students. However, students of different classes can prepare this essay. You can write the same essay under the title Essay on Over Population, Essay on Population Explosion, Over Population Essay, Essay on Population Growth, Essay on Population Control and Overpopulation Essay. This essay is with the proper outline. If you need more essays you can visit English Essays Category.

Over Population Essay with Outline


  1. Over-Population is a worldwide problem.
  2. The main causes of increasing population.
  3. A serious impediment in the way of economic development.
  4. India is projecting the struggle as “Muslim Fundamentalism.”
  5. A comprehensive plan of family planning.
  6. There is no religious injunction against birth control Islam.

Over-Population is a world-wide problem. Pakistan is one of the most populous countries in the world. The population is growing at a rate of 3.1 percent a year. Economists are baffled, sociologists are scared and politicians and administrators are worried. It has created various problems like unemployment, poverty and illiteracy.

The main cause of this extraordinary growth in our population is not excessive births. It is our victory against death and disease. Poverty and illiteracy are also the major factors of the increasing population. About 42 million adults are illiterate. They are unable to understand the disastrous effects of overpopulation.

The result of the increasing population is obvious. Much of our effort to raise the standard of living of our people has been nullified. The growth of population is neutralizing all developmental efforts. It brings distress to the community, to the family and to the individuals. In the words of one of our economists. “ To plan when population growth is unchecked is like building a house where the ground is constantly flooded.” It has become a serious impediment in the way of economic development.

To check over-population, it is necessary to launch a comprehensive plan of family planning. Our country is suffering from severe economic problems. The remedy is to reduce the number of births. In order to stabilize the relationship between population and the basic necessities of life, we must bring our birth-rate down form 3.1 to 1. It is essential for every young person to recognize the disastrous and detrimental results of over-population. We should behave with a sense of responsibility.

Many simple people wrongly believe that religion is against family planning. They take it as the killing of children and the disobeying of God. They blindly follow the reaching of Mullah and do not try to understand the true spirit of Islam. There is no religious injunction against birth control in Islam.

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