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Essay on Terrorism in Pakistan with Quotations | Kips Notes


Terrorism in Pakistan Essay with Quotations for 2nd Year, FSc, Class 12 and Graduation

Here is an essay on Terrorism in Pakistan with Quotes for 2nd-year students. This Terrorism Essay in Pakistan is very good for the students of FSc, 2nd Year and Graduation. Students can write the same essay under the title, Essay on Terrorism, Terrorism Essay, Essay on Terrorism in Pakistan and Terrorism in Pakistan Essay. You can find more essay by going to the category of English Essays.

Essay on Terrorism in Pakistan with Quotes for 2nd Year | FSc

“The cries of pain are there and pain understood.”

Terrorism is the use of threats of violence to produce fear in people and weaken their resistance. Common acts of terrorism include airplane hijacking, assassination, bombing, kidnapping and murder. Political terrorism is used to gain or keep power. Terrorism is also a form of surrogate warfare. It is a very cheap way to fight without actually going to war.

Terrorism in the United States rocked the world. On Sep 11, when two U.S. planes crashed into the World Trade Centre in New York. The terrorists were killed along with hundreds of passengers and thousands of innocent people in the building. The massive loss of lives made the entire world stand against terrorism.

Terrorist organizations usually work against governments. The government buildings and public places like railway stations, airports, trade centers etc. are targeted with bombs and other destructive weapons. The aim of terrorists is to create harassment and panic. As a result, public demonstrations begin and the entire set-up of the country is disturbed. Business affairs come to a standstill and the economy of the country is affected very badly.

There are different causes of terrorism. The Kashmiris in Kashmir are engaged in a holy war of their freedom against the Indian soldiers and the state terrorism.

“Ashamed is the humanity of the wounds given by thee.”

The Sikhs in India have been committing acts of terrorism to win freedom from India. The Irish people of North Ireland have been terrorizing the British government to gain their independence. The Palestinians in Palestine are fighting against Israeli state terrorism. The chief cause of terrorism is injustice and persecution of the down-trodden people. The wrong policies of certain governments also lead to terrorist activities.

Another weapon of terrorists is to kidnap big guns. The planes are hijacked for the release of the terrorist leaders and other prisoners. The lives of the passengers are put in danger and the governments come into action immediately.

It is better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot. (Anatole France)

The results of the recent waves of terrorism have opened the eyes of the United Nations. The entire world is against terrorism. The United States has taken extreme steps and declared Al-Qaida organization responsible for terrorism in the U.S. The U.S planes bombed terrorist centers in Afghanistan and inflicted untold losses to the innocent people of Afghanistan. Their main target was Osama-bin-Laden. The countries of the world joined hands with the United States to war against terrorism. Pakistan also helped the United Nations in the war against terrorism.

If we like them, they’re freedom fighters…. If we don’t like them, they’re terrorists. (Carl Sagan)

Terrorism in Pakistan is on the rise. Suicide bomb blasts have terrified the entire nation. Many innocent people lose their lives. It has shattered the economy and disrupted the peace process. The Pro-American policies of the government have led chaos everywhere. Americans have been killing the Muslims everywhere in the world since September 11.

Terrorist activities may come to an end if the grievances of the victimized people all over the world are alleviated. The cruelty against the weak must be stopped to solve the disputes fairly.

Anti-terrorist forces may be established to fight against terrorism in the country. The illegal flow of arms and money from abroad must be uprooted to eradicate terrorism.

“Trampled and divested is humanity by thy brutality and injustice.”

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