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Essay on Students and Politics with Outline and Quotations

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Essay on Students and Politics with Quotations and Outline for FA, FSC, 2nd Year, BA and BSC

Here is an essay on Students and Politics for students of different classes, especially for BSC. Students can write the same essay under the title, Students and Politics essay, Role of Students in Politics Essay, Should Students take Part in Politics essay, Why Students should not take part in the politics essay. You should also see Essay on Human Rights.

Students and Politics Essay with Outline and Quotes


  1. It is hotly debated whether students should take part in politics or not.
  2. Collage life is full of pleasures, excitements and opportunities.
  3. The Students’ Union is a representative and democrative society.
  4. Its object is to prepare students a useful and responsible citizens.
  5. Students are the future of a nation.

                        “Collages are places where pebbles are polished

                           and diamonds are dimmed” (Robert Green)

It is hotly debated whether students should take part in politics or not. Some people think that students indulge  in dirty politics and ruin their career. Politicians misguide them. They are tempted or even dragged into politics. The students leaders become cat’s paw and play in the hands of selfish politicians. They use the youth force for their personal benefits. That is why, it is said that politics should be a forbidden fruit for students. Dr. Johnson said:

“Politics is the refuge of scoundrels.”

            On the other hand, some people think that college life is full of pleasures, excitements and opportunities. It provides all sorts of academic, cultural, social and sports activities. The students who take an active part in these activities, enjoy a full active life. So, they will be well-prepared to lead  a responsible life in the society.

                        “A college education should equip one to entertain three things:

                          a friend, an idea and oneself.”

            The students’ Union is a representative and democratic society of students. It is an elected body of students to look after their affairs. The office-bearers are elected by the students every year. They include a president, a Vice president, a Secretary, a Joint Secretary and some class representatives. The elections are held in a peaceful, interesting and democratic atmosphere. A senior member of the staff look after the activities of the union. He helps and guides the office-bearers.

The object of the students’ Union is to prepare students as useful and responsible citizens. It is a training camp for democracy. It enlightens the hidden  qualities of students and prepares them to face the challenges of the practical life. It provides them with the opportunities and facilities team-work.

                                    “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is

                                      Wht makes a tean work, a company work,

   a society work, a civilization work.”                     (Vince Lombardi)

            Colleges have “Students’ Union” to organize co-currucula activities for students. It arranges functions, debates and other cultural activities in which students actively participate. Sime learned writers, eminent speakers and prominent leadrs are also invited to enrich the utlook of students.

The Students’ Union is for positive purpose, and not for negative purpose. It is not a trade union for bargaining. However, some office-bearers misuse it. They begin to interfere in the college administration rival groups of students show their strength and create an atmosphere of violence, indiscipline and confusion in the college.

It is an undeniable fact that students are the future of a nation. So, they should be prepared for the great tasks of future. No doubt, their first and the foremost duty is to get knowledge. However, their personal, physical and literary qualities should also be polished . Within defined powers and function, the Students’ Unions should be allowed t work in colleges. The political parties should not use the students for their vested interests. In the past, students played an important role for creating Pakistan. Now, it is highly desirable that they should come ahead to solve complicated problems of the country.

                                    “Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army.”  (Edward Everett)

2nd. Essay on Students and Politics for Class 12 and Graduation

It is a debatable question whether the students should take part in Politics or not. Participation of the students in the political life is a thing of the present age. it was after the First World War that the students of the sub-continent of India took part in politics. The Indian National Congress organized the students to fight for the freedom of the country. This movement was directed against the British rule. Later on, the Muslim League had his own wing of Muslim Students under the leadership at Quaid-e-Azam. The students awakened the masses and made them active to get a separate country for the Muslims. After the creation of Pakistan, every political party in the country raised its student wings. The political leaders exploited the students to their selfish ends. The result Is that the students do not take interest in their studies but resort to agitational politics.

The question is whether the students should take interest in politics or not. There are two views about it. One group of people holds the view that the students should take part in politics. It is said that the students of today will be the citizens of tomorrow. As citizens, they will have to shoulder the political responsibilities of the country. If they fail to do so the country will surely collapse.

Politics, no doubt is a complicated affair. It requires experienced and clever people. In order to become efficient political workers, students need a lot of training and experience. Before the birth of Pakistan, students took interest in the politics of the country. They played an active role in the struggle for making Pakistan. They produced political awakening among the masses. it is said that there is no harm it the students take interest in the politics of the country.

The other group of people hold the opposite view. It is said that the main taste of the students is to study their books. Politics is a dirty game now-a-days in our country. The task of the students should not be to take part in such an ugly game. If they take interest in politics, their attention will be divided. They will not be able to devote themselves wholeheartedly to their studies. Moreover, students are emotional by nature. They cannot form their own political opinion and undertaking. In this way, they have to become a puppet in the hands of shrewd politicians.

Both the views are extreme. The students should not take part in the active politics of the world. However, they must study the current situation of the world scientifically. The objective study of world problems will enlarge their knowledge and learning.

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