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Essay Quotations in English for 2nd Year | Class 12 Notes

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Quotations for Essays for Class 12 – Second Year Notes

This post is about English Quotations for Essays for FSC 2nd Year Students. Students of Class 12 prefer to write quotations in their English Essays. English is a compulsory subject for students and a good essay can help to get good numbers for students. So, I planned to share almost all the required essay quotations in a post. You can go through all posts one by one and prepare them.

According to Wikipedia “Quotation is the repetition or copy of someone else’s statement or thoughts.” Many people use different types of quotations to express their feelings. There is a variety of quotations already available on the internet but this post is specifically for the students of Class 12. I am trying to provide material to the students which they need.

Quotes for Essays for FA / FSC 2nd Year Students – FSC Part 2 English Notes

This post is especially for those students who have essays but looking only for quotations. However, I have already shared a list of complete essays with quotes for FSC students. Hereunder, you can see links to different essay quotations posts. You can read the name and click on the link to reach your required post.

  1. My First Day At College Essay Quotations
  2. My Last Day At College Essay Quotations
  3. Corona Virus Essay Quotations
  4. Why I Love Pakistan Essay Quotations
  5. My Aim in Life | My Ambition in Life | The Career I Like to Choose Essay Quotations
  6. The Pleasure of Gardening | My Hobby Essay Quotations
  7. My Hero in History or My Favourite Personality Essay Quotes
  8. Qaid-e-Azam Essay Quotes
  9. Allama Muhammad Iqbal Essay Quotations
  10. My Favourite or National Poet Essay Quotes
  11. Women’s Place in our Society or Role of Women in Society Essay Quotations
  12. A Cricket Match Essay Quotations
  13. A Picnic Party Essay Quotations
  14. A Visit to a Historical Place Essay Quotations
  15. Terrorism Essay Quotations
  16. Life in a Big City Essay Quotations
  17. Life in a Village or A Pakistan Village Essay Quotations
  18. Science, A Blessing or A Curse | Wonders of Science Essay Quotations
  19. Student’s Union | Students and Politics Essay Quotations
  20. Mobile Phone Essay Quotations
  21. Computer or Information Technology Essay Quotes
  22. Patriotism | Why I Love Pakistan | My Country Essay Quotations
  23. Democracy Essay Quotations
  24. Unemployment Essay Quotes
  25. The Corruption or Social Evil Essay Quotations
  26. Drug Addiction or Narcotic Drugs Essay Quotes
  27. Television or The Electronic Media Essay Quotations
  28. The Kashmir Issue Essay Quotes
  29. Over Population or Population Explosion Essay Quotations
  30. NewsPapers | Power or the Press | The Value of Mass Media Essay Quotes
  31. An Ideal Student Essay Quotations
  32. An Ideal Teacher Essay Quotes
  33. Pollution Essay Quotations
  34. Importance of Education Essay Quotes
  35. Technical Education Essay Quotations

How many quotations do you need in an Essay?

This simply depends on the length of the Essay. Usually, students of FSC write 400 to 500 words in an essay which is enough. For this length of essay 4 to 5 quotations are enough. However, students of senior classes can use more quotations. The main thing is you need to use common sense and focus on quality instead of quantity. Use quotations wisely and in the appropriate places.

How do you write a quote in an essay?

You need to choose the quote wisely. Try to write the name of the author with the quotation. If possible highlight the quote to show it clearly to the checker. Place each quotation after an appropriate length of the paragraph. Keep in mind quote which you are going to share must be relevant to your text after which you are sharing it.

Can I start an essay with a quote?

Yes, for sure you can start your essay with a good quotation. It is a plus point and can impress the paper checker. The most important thing is relevance.

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