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Essay on Population Growth with Quotations in English


Here is an example of an Essay on Population Growth with Quotations in English for the students of FSC, 2nd Year. Fast Population Growth is a phenomenon of developing countries like Pakistan. This essay is decorated with appropriate quotations. Essay content has been taken from Sunshine English (Comprehensive-II). This essay is especially being posted here for the students of Class 12. Students can write the same essay under the title, Essay on Population Growth, Overpopulation Essay, Essay on overpopulation, overpopulation problems essay, essay on causes of overpopulation, essay on population, human overpopulation essay, population growth in Pakistan essay. For more, you can visit Essays for FSC Students.

Human Population Growth in Pakistan Essay with Quotations for Students of FSC (Class 12) and Graduation

People are the real force of a country. They are the real asset for a country. But when the population of a country increases without any check, it causes a social and economic mess. Currently, the world has become well aware of the gravity of overpopulation. Though plenty of measures have been taken to control the population, the crisis still persists.

“Overconsumption and overpopulation underlie every environmental problem we face today”. (Jacques Yves Cousteau)

The most obvious cause of overpopulation in Pakistan is ignorance and illiteracy. About 80% of our population lives in villages. They do not have any idea of the problems of overpopulation. Even if some of them may be aware of the gravity of the problem, they usually do not have any knowledge of how to control it. They do not have any idea of contraceptives. Some of them think that they should have a large family. It would enhance their force and influence in their respective social circle.  Moreover, many of them think that having more male children is a cause of pride for them.

“Democracy Cannot Survive Overpopulation”. (Isaac Asimov)

In villages, marriages are held at an early age. There people keep on producing children till old age and they do not get old until they have produced dozens of children. They do not bother to educate them or to give them any professional or technical training. Some people do not have any male issues. Though they do have many daughters, they have an ardent desire to have a male issue. They think that having a male issue would be the continuation of their bloodline. Thus they continue producing children until they get a male issue that they think is the continuation of their breed.

Pakistan is an Islamic state. In Islam polygamy is allowed. People are allowed to have four wives at a time. To have more wives means to have more children. Polygamy is common in rural areas. In these areas, people prefer to have more than one wife. They think it to be show off their masculine power. Thus this inclination of people further aggravates the situation of the population in the country.

“The greatest threat to human existence is our own lack of ability to control our own growth”. (Garrett Hardin)

Lastly, the government has failed to implement population planning policies. Many policies have been introduced up till now but none of them has produced the desired effects. Moreover, the cultural and religious factors have proved to be the hurdle in the real implementation of these policies.

Overpopulation always exerts harmful impacts on the economy of a country. It slows down economic growth and decreases the per capita income. In overpopulated countries, people are more than available jobs. This results in unemployment. The overpopulated countries need more schools, more hospitals, more universities and better infrastructure. Overpopulation also leads to urbanization, which is another social problem of today. The following steps may be helpful to check overpopulation in Pakistan.

“Population growth is the primary source of environmental damage. (Jacques Yves Cousteau)

The government should make laws to prevent early marriages. The maximum number of children should be declared. The reward should be given to couples who produce fewer children. Government jobs should be conditioned with the less production of children. Population Welfare Department should be made more effective and efficient. The awareness of the benefits of family planning should be fostered. Medicine for the prevention of conception should be distributed free among women. Mobile teams should be organized to persuade people to use contraceptives. If the government is sincere to control the rapid growth of the population, it should take solid measures in this regard.

“If the world is to save any part of its Resources for the Future, It must reduce not only consumption the number of Consumers”. (B.F. Skinner)

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