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Essay on Our Examination System in Pakistan with Quotations


This post contains a sample of an Essay on Our Examination system in Pakistan with Quotations for the students of FSC, 2nd year. Students of Class 12 can prepare this essay only as practice for annual exams. Our examination system essay has been taken from Sunshine English (Comprehensive-II) and I have added some appropriate quotations in it. Students of FSC can write the same essay under the title, Essay on Our Examination System with Quotes, Examination System of Pakistan essay with quotations and Examination System in Pakistan essay. If you need more essays for 2nd year you can visit Essays for FSC.

Examination System of Pakistan Essay with Quotations for FSC, 2nd Year Students

Education makes life worth living. A country without a proper, system of education can make no progress. Only the educated and skilled people can pave the way to progress. For good education, an adequate system of examination is necessary. Unfortunately, our system of examination is not satisfactory. It is replete with faults. The current system of examination is such as tests the memory of the students. It is not a fair test of knowledge, understanding and comprehension. The questions asked in the examination are not such as may promote the inborn faculties of students. The usual practice among the students is to learn everything by heart without a complete comprehension of it. This is practised in the present system of examination. though the students pass the examination in this way, they cannot develop their awareness greatly.

Education is a responsibility on every Muslim, male or female.
(Hazrat Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم)

Furthermore, the method of evaluation of scripts is faulty. Every examiner has his particular outlook, temperament and a specified way of observation. Even the atmosphere affects the mood of examiners. As a result, the assessment is somewhat personal and therefore inaccurate. Moreover, the questions asked in the examination are subjective; they cannot be awarded exact marks.

In our country, the climate is of the extreme kind. The examinations take place usually in the hot summer. The scorching heat leads to several troubles. The students cannot concentrate fully on their studies. They have to go to the examination hall in the scorching heat of summer. Moreover, our academic terms are short because of extreme weather conditions. Consequently, students cannot read their course fully. This also adds to the difficulties of the students in the examination.

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet”. (Aristotle)

I have some suitable suggestions for the improvement of our examination system.

First, the examinations should be held in the spring season so that the students may work in the pleasant weather conditions. This will enable the students to focus their attention on their studies. This would also increase the length of the academic year.

“The difference between a good and a poor student is result”. (ETC Wanyanwu)

Second, the questions papers should be set in such a way as they should be the real test of the student’s knowledge and insight.

Third, the declaration of result should be prompt and quick. This will save the time of the students. Even the length of the academic term would be increased.

Fourth, the students securing outstanding positions should be awarded prizes. They should be honoured with scholarship. This will increase the passion for study among the students. I hope that the government would take prompt steps in this regard.

“Prepare well! Take two inks; you may never know when one pen will stop writing!”
(Ernest Agyemang Yeboah)

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