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Essay on My Best Teacher in English for Class 10


This post contains a sample of Essay on My Best Teacher in English for Class 10 students. I am sharing this essay for those students who are going to choose essay writing instead of writing a Paragraph in English Paper. Essay on My Best Teacher is very important for the students of 10 Class. For more essays with quotations, visit these Essay Writing Topics.

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My Favourite Teacher Essay for 10th Class in English – English Notes

I have many teachers but Mr. Ahmad is my best teacher. he is an M.A M.Ed. he teaches us English. I like it very much. He is every inch a gentleman. He comes of a noble family. He is tall, healthy and smart. He is highly qualified. He is an efficient teacher. He is a young man of 40 years. He always remains calm and steady. He puts on a simple dress.

He is a man of good qualities. He is clean in habits and thoughts. He is religious minded. He says his prayers regularly. He has a great love for Islam. He is very regular and punctual. He is very responsible and dutiful. He is never late for school

He takes a keen interest in our studies. He teaches in a good manner. His method of teaching is very impressive. He explains everything in an interesting way. He has thorough command over his subject. He possesses complete self-confidence in his teaching. He gives full attention to all the students. He encourages questions from the students. He answers all the questions of the class with a smiling face. He has very cordial relations with his students. They find in him a sincere and sympathetic friend.

he is very kind to us. He is ever willing to solve our problems. He greets us with great love and kindness. We forget all our worries in his presence. He is cool-headed and soft-spoken. He never loses temper or abuses anyone. He is so kind and loving that he never uses a cane in the class. He advises us to work hard. We have learnt a lot from him.

He is very sincere to his colleagues. They have full confidence in him. In their hours of need, he comes up to their expectation. Even the clerks and peons are quite friendly with him. They find him a loving guide. The headmaster respects his views. Whenever he faces a problem he seeks his suggestions. He is the right many of the headmaster in running the affairs of the school. In short, the students, the teachers, the headmaster, the parents and even the peons find in him a loving friend and a wise guide. We are proud of him. May he live long!

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