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Essay on Internet Advantages and Disadvantages – 500 Words


In this post, I am sharing an Essay on Internet Advantages and Disadvantages in English. This is a complete essay for the students of Class 10 and Class 12. Especially I am sharing this Internet Essay for the students of 2nd Year. Students should visit Essays with Quotations for more essays. They can write the same essay under the title, Essay on Internet, Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet, Essay on Uses and Abuses of Internet and Essay on Advantages of Internet. You can visit English Essay Topics for more essay samples.

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet for Class 10 and Class 12

Internet is the link between the networks of different cities and countries. It joins the computers of the whole world. The world has squeezed into a global village due to the internet.
There are two kinds of the internet:

  • Internet Work
  • Intranet Work

Internet Work: As mentioned above the internet is the connection between the different networks of the whole world.

Intranet Work: Intranet is the link between the different cities of a country.

It is again distributed into:

  1. LAN
  2. WAN

LAN (Local Area Network)

It is the link between the different networks of a local city. For example, a company has two offices. Both branches are in different areas of the city. The network exists between both offices. If both the networks are connected, they can communicate with each other. This is called LAN.

Wan (Wide Area Network)

Suppose the offices of a business firm are in different cities of the world. If all the networks of this office are connected, this system is called WAN. For example, the branches of a Bank are located in the whole country. All changes and differences could be brought on record.

Advantages of Internet

  1. We can have a full information of the whole world while sitting at our home.
  2. We can talk on phone to anybody in any corner of the world.
  3. We can have friendly relations with people from all over the world.
  4. We can speak to anybody in the world just like we are sitting face to face to each other.
  5. We can have trade relations with other firms.
  6. We can send messages to any person, sitting in any part of the world by e-mail.
  7. We can watch T.V. programmes of the whole world online.
  8. We can get all the E-books of new and old writers, economists and scientists.
  9. We can be aware of all the political and international affairs of the world.
  10. People wo are interested in games and sports, can watch these programs through internet.
  11. We can know the computer related vacancies in the whole world and can apply for it.

The Internet has brought a revolution in the cultural and social activities of our country, a country can be benefited from the experience of others within the shortest possible time. this can bring different countries together culturally and socially. We can have facilities in trade and banking. It can promote travel, tourism and trade relations with other countries. It can promote peace, friendship and intermarriage between different nations of the world. there may be better understanding between different nations of the world. There may be a better understanding between individuals and nations. It can be helpful in maintaining world peace.

Disadvantages of Internet

There are many advantages of the Internet but there are some disadvantages too. Many websites on the internet show obscene programs, immoral dances and songs. Young women are shown in very short dresses. Sometimes blue films are also shown and unnecessary adult information is provided. It is not according to our culture. It may spoil the character of youth. The young and children should not watch such programs.

Furthermore, the young generation spends a lot of time playing online games which may harm their studies. Social Media is like a drug for young ones. They are wasting their time, money and health online. Excess of everything is bad. Students should use the internet for educational and productive purposes only. Parents should also keep a check on their children that what they are doing online.

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