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English Report Example On Wasteful Expenditure on Weddings


Write a Report to Editor of Newspaper on Wasteful Expenditure on Weddings for BSC Students | Report Example

Write a Report to the Editor of Newspaper and tell him about the conditions of Wasteful Expenditure on Weddings in your city. This report writing example is posted here for BSC students and is taken from “To the Point Book”. Explain as a Social worker about bad activities on wedding ceremonies.

Report on Wasteful Expenditure on Weddings to Editor of Newspaper as a Social Worker for BSC | Report Writing Pattern

Date: May 15, 2016


The Editor,
The Dawn,

From:     A.B.C, A social worker.

Subject: Wasteful expenditure on Weddings.


I am a social worker, from the Oxford N.G.O, which is working for the uplift of the common man of Pakistan. As a social worker, I was greatly shocked to find that the rich people of our society are wasting a huge amount of money on marriages and the ceremonies connected with them. This has created an imbalance in society. I am greatly concerned at this situation. If this state of affairs continues, it may create many social and economic problems for the progressive society of our country. I have prepared report against this evil for the common awareness of an educated man of our country. I submit the report as under.

Show of Vanity:

Nowadays marriages have become a show of wealth and affluence. The rich people spend a huge amount of money on the marriage of their sons and daughters. They simply want to impress their friends, relatives and other members of society with this show of wealth.

Wastage of Money:

It has been noted with concern by the writer of the report that many functions are arranged on the occasion of marriage. Singing and dancing girls and boys are booked for “Rasm e Hina” Hundreds of guests are invited. Rasm e Hina is celebrated with full glitter. The families of the bride and bridegroom try to supersede each other in the show of wealth. Many dishes are cooked and served to the guests. Much of the food goes waste. The function continues the whole night. Firing takes place without any hindrance.

Wastage of Money on bride and bridegroom:

The bride and the bridegroom spend a lot on their personal decoration and makeup. The video film is made with full generosity. The bride brings with her costly dowry. The bridegroom spends a huge amount of money on the Walima. The whole function of wedding lacks simplicity and piety. The principles of Islam and Shariah regarding “Pardha” are violated.


  1. It is suggested that the laws should be framed to enforce simplicity on weddings and marriages.
  2. The dowry system must be discouraged.
  3. The lawbreakers must be punished severely.


Social Worker X.Y.Z

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