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Write a Letter to Your Mother Who is Worried About Your Health


English Letters writing is a skill. Here is a very good English letter with a title “Write a letter to your mother who is worried about your Health”. This is an important Letter which you prepare for your papers. It is for brilliant students and a very good wording is used in it. There are some more English Letters available here, to check them Click here.

English letter to your mother who is worried about your health for 10th Class and 2nd Year – Informal Letter.

Examination Hall,
City A.B.C
May 13, 2017.

Dear Mother,

I am fine here by the Grace of Allah and pray for the wellbeing of all of you at home from the depth of my heart. I received your letter a few days back. I am glad to know that you are fine and apologize for a belated reply.

I could not reply earlier because I was running a temperature due to the bad throat. It got worse on me and I could not even attend my school for almost a week. I was under the treatment of our school doctor. He advised me to take proper medication and complete rest. I followed his advice in true letter and spirit. However, you need not worry now because the ailment was temporary. I am on the fairway to recover. I have started following my routine as usual. Let me repeat that you need not worry about my health now. Moreover, I am also taking good care of my diet and I exercise regularly. I hope that after this assurance you will stop worrying about me. There is nothing more to write about it.

It goes without saying that dearly I miss you. Is there any news from your neighbourhood friends? Please convey my good wishes to them. All else is well. I shall soon be with you. Love to all at home.


With great regards,

Yours affectionately,

Previously this Letter was in the Paper (LHR, GRW 2015 Group I, II)

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