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11th English Lesson 9 The Foolish Quack Short Questions PDF


In this post, I am sharing the 1st Year English Chapter 9 The Foolish Quack Short Questions PDF for the students of Intermediate Part 1. This is the 9th short story in the syllabus of the 11th English textbook. On ilmihub, I have already shared all short stories questions with answers for class 11 students. This PDF file contains only 3 pages. I have included The Foolish Quack Lesson’s Questions from Exercise from English Book 1 as well as additional questions for better preparation. For the complete English book 3 notes click here.

The short story The Foolish Quack is a Folk Tale that revolves around a simple character of a villager. This simple villager happens to see another man treating the swollen throat of his camel with a heavy stick. One heavy blow of the stick cures the camel and the camel becomes normal. Now, this quack feels that this is the method to treat goiter. And here a funny story starts. If you want to read this full story with Urdu translation visit this link. Besides this, I have already shared all plays notesall poems notes PDF, all short stories notes, and PDF Books.

1st Year English Chapter 9 Questions with Answers PDF Download

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