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11th English Lesson 13 God be Praised Short Questions PDF


In this post, I am sharing the 1st Year English Chapter 13 God be Praised Short Questions PDF for the students of Intermediate Part 1. This is the 13th short story in the syllabus of the 11th English textbook. On ilmihub, I have already shared all short stories questions with answers for class 11 students. This PDF file contains only 3 pages. I have included God be Praised Lesson’s Questions from Exercise from English Book 1 as well as additional questions for better preparation. For the complete English book 3 notes click here.

The short story God be Praised is written by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi. In the story, Moulvi Abul is a poor person whith a number of children to take care of. When his eldest daughter grows young, his tensions also grow. Most of the time, he is lost in worries about the suitable marriag eof his daughter. This is a beautiful story full of emotions. If you want to read this full story with Urdu translation visit this link. Besides this, I have already shared all plays notesall poems notes PDF, all short stories notes, and PDF Books.

1st Year English Chapter 13 Questions with Answers PDF Download

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