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Which is the Coldest Planet of Solar System?


There are 8 different planets in our solar system. They are all different in mass, volume and diameters. Their atmosphere is different as well. Some planets are hot and some are cold. Venus is the Hottest planet of solar system. In this post, we will try to find the answer to the questions, which is the coldest planet of solar system? The right answer is Neptune, the 8th and last planet in the solar system. Yes, Neptune is the Coldest planet in the Universe.

Mass of Neptune:                  1.024 × 10^26 kg

The volume of Neptune:      6.3 x 1013 cubic kilometres (equal to about 57 Earths)

Diagram of Neptune             49,244 KMs

What is the Temperature of Neptune?

As it has already discussed that Neptune is the coldest planet in the Solar system, its average temperature is -353 Fahrenheit (-214 Celsius).

Here is one model Multipleple Choice Question for practice.

Which is the Coldest Planet of Solar System?

(a) Mercury
(b) Neptune
(c) Venus
(d) None of above

 (b) Neptune

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