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Which is the hottest Planet of the Solar System and Why?


Which is the hottest Planet of the Solar System?

Our solar system has 8 planets in 2018 and in this post, we will discuss the hottest planet in our solar system and also try to find out the answer why it is so hot. Every planet in our solar system does not have the same temperature. If we see the chart, we come to know that Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. So, the first thing which comes to mind is that may be mercury is the hottest planet of the solar system. But, No. You will be amazed to know that Venus is the hottest planet. The total distance of Venus from the Sum is 108.2 Million Kilometres and the diameter of about 12104 KMs.

Why is Venus the hottest planet when Mercury is closer to the sun?

Yes, this true that mercury is closest to the sun, but because of its proximity to the sun, it lacks an atmosphere. On the other hand, Venus has a different story. Venus’s atmosphere is primarily composed of carbon dioxide and primary greenhouse gas. This acts as an entry door. This is the reason solar heats enters the venus but can’t leave. That’s why Venus doesn’t have water. Also, because of an overactive core, Venus seems to recreate its continents every X years.

Hereunder is a general science multiple choice questions on the solar system to find the answer Which is the hottest Planet of the Solar System.

Which is the hottest Planet in the Solar System?

(a) Mercury
(b) Earth
(c) Venus
(d) Uranus

(c) Venus 

So finally the conclusion is that Venus is the Hottest planet of our solar system having distance of 108.2 KMs from the Sun.

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