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The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse Moral Story PDF – Short Stories


The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse Story PDF is available here to download. In fact, download able files are available for those people who do not have internet connection all the time. They can download these files to read them and prepare them offline. If you do not want to download this story and want to read only, you can Go Here.

The Country Mouse and The Town Mouse Story PDF in English

Town Mouse and the Country Mouse Moral Story is a very good bedtime story. Students of different classes, especially Class 5, Class 6, Class 8 and Class 9 students can prepare this moral story as a course. However, parents who like to tell bedtimes stories to their children can tell this story to their children with moral lesson. The purpose of the story is to tell the kids that home is the best place to live.

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The story is about 2 rates, 1 is from country side and one is from town. The first mo.use invites the other one and treat him in a very good way. In response the other mouse invites the 1st one too. The story tells the moral lesson that  east or west, home is the best. Because the mouse from the country side was able to get food easily. On the other hand getting food in the town was very hard. There are many other Moral Stories also available at ilmihub. Besides these Moral stories you can get Essays, letters and other English notes here.


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