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Greedy Dog Story in English PDF for Students and Kids


In this post, you can download Greedy Dog Story in English PDF. If you want to read this story and do not want to download it, you can go to this story by Clicking Here to read it online. This is a very good story for kids as bedtimes story. At the end of this story, there are some possible morals also available. So, Greedy Dog Story is important for students and good for kids. This story is also known as Dog and its Shadow Story.

Greedy Dog Story PDF for Kids

English Story Greedy Dog is a very important short story for students with the point of view of exams. Students of Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 7, Class 9 and others can prepare this story for their exams. There is a choice in exams of Class 9 that you can write a story or choose to write _________. Many students choose to write __________ but writing a short story is not a bad choice. This story is about a greedy dog who gets a piece of meat or a bone. After getting it while going through a bridge of a river he sees his own shadow in the water. The dog feels that there is one other dog into the water with another piece of meat or water. While barking on that dog he lost his own piece of meat too. This story tells a lesson that Greed is a Curse. There are some other morals of this story too. You can write the same story under the title:

  • Greed is a Curse.
  • Be contented with what you have.
  • Don’t be greedy.

This file contains 2 examples of this story. The first one is good and the 2nd type is in easy wording. You can download the story of the greedy dog in PDF on your mobile or computer and you can prepare it for your exams. At the end of the file, you will see some other stories too. You can click on those stories to read them on ilmihub too. Click on the button below to download Greedy Dog Story PDF.


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