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Students and Strikes Essay for College Students


In this post, I am sharing the Students and Strikes Essay for College Students. I have already shared Essays with Quotations for the Students of FSC 2nd Year. Now, I am starting a new series of College Essays for College Students. This is a sample essay that will discuss why students go on strikes and how it hurt their studies. Also, you will see at the end, how to solve this issue.

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Essay on Students and Strikes in English for College Students

Strikes have become very common these days. Strikes are of different kinds, namely hunger-strike, token-strike and pen-down strike. At the occurrence of a slight and nominal incident, a strike is announced and the disgruntled elements rush out of their places of work and start raising slogans against the administrative authorities. The unions play a dominant role in inciting the strikers and thus blackmail the employers. Workers in factories and mills, clerks in the offices, shopkeepers, students and even sweepers go on strike. These days, students take more part in strikes than any other section of society.

The students use this effective weapon of the strike to get their grievances redressed. On very ordinary excuses, they throw down their books, leave the classrooms and come out on roads, raising full-throated slogans. If the principal takes punitive measures against any mischief-monger, the students go on strike. If the teacher observes strict discipline, students go on strike as a protest. Thus this tendency impedes the pace of educational progress.

But this does not mean that all the time students go on strike for mental distraction. Sometimes there are solid and sound reasons for these strikes. Knowing the young blood is very hot, the wily politicians incite them to go on strike and thus they gain their own political ends. The students of other institutions observe “sympathetic strikes.” In disturbed. Some drawbacks or loopholes in education institutions become the root cause of a strike. The pressing needs and growing economic compulsions are causing much discomfiture for an average student to continue his education. Voer-discipline also provokes the students to adopt the wrong and objectionable attitudes. Sometimes the derogatory remarks of a lecturer Spark off the strike. A little rebuff for their misbehaviour injures their pride and they start grumbling against it. They feel elated in showing their revolting nature. The majority of our students have no habitual vision of greatness, run after wandering fires not knowing what they really want to do. Thus they have sufficient time to indulge in nefarious activities like strike and aimless wandering.

Certain remedies are necessary to end this tendency. Whatever may be the cause of the strike, we must give sympathetic consideration to the grievances of the students. If their demands are unfair, we should try to advise and guide them. Sympathetic treatment is better than violent attitude. Co-operation and mutual understanding is necessary between the teacher and the pupil. The parents should keep a vigilant eye over the activities of their wards. They should protect them from evil influence.

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