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Science, an Enemy of Man Essay for Outstanding Students


An English Essay on “Science, an enemy of man” is here for the students of 10th Class, 12th Class and Graduation. So, the students who are preparing English Essays for Matric level, Intermediate Class or graduation can see this and learn by heart. This Essay is for outstanding Students who want to get knowledge and not running behind the numbers only.

Science, an Enemy of Man for the Examinations of 10 Class, 12th Class and Graduation

It is generally believed that science is a mixed blessing. It has various uses and abuses. Though the disadvantages of science are less than its advantages, it has developed a technology of deadly weapons. The most deadly weapons of science are the atomic warheads. Eight countries are the declared atomic powers of the world.

Unfortunately, there exist some disputed issues in the world. The world is trying to resolve these disputes through peaceful talks. But there is also a danger of war. If some war breaks out, it would be a world war since different countries are linked together through political and economic treaties. No country can be neutral for any longer. If such a war turns into an atomic war, it would simply be a total destruction.

Science has invented many machines. These machines have added to the comfort of human life. They are also a sure means for rapid production. Moreover, these machines are more accurate, cheap and quick than man. But they have exerted adverse effects on humans. They have substituted man. As a result, man has been rendered jobless. And then, unemployment is a sure cause of many social evils.

The machines have made man lazy and idle. He needs not travel on foot. He can cover long distances in a short time by fast-moving cars, buses, trains and planes. At home, there is no need to broom; the vacuum cleaners are there to such the least dust from every nook and corner. Washing machines wash the dirty clothes in minutes. The formers plough their fields with tractors. There are harvesters and threshers to serve in agriculture. All these machines have mad man lazy and sluggish.

Today pollution is one of the dire problems. Air, water and eatables, all are polluted. Machines are the big cause of pollution. Big factories, heavy vehicles, trains, and many other things of this sort are adding smoke, poisonous wastage, dust and other harmful particles to air, water and soil. The contaminated provisions, polluted atmosphere and dirty water have caused many incurable diseases. Thus, it is science which is responsible for all this harm.

Science has made man spiritually dead and selfish. He has forgotten the moral values. He needs a lot of money to buy the things science has provided. For that, he works day and night to earn money. He ignores the moral values of humanity. Even, sometimes he commits cries to this end. When morality vanishes, crimes take birth and social evils prevail in society. Therefore, indirectly, science is responsible for many social evils.

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