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Physics Notes for Class 9: Chapter 1 MCQs with Answers

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This post is about Physics Notes for Class 9 MCQs Chapter 1 and has the Solved MCQs. The first chapter of 9th Class Physics is “Physical Quantities and Measurement”. In this post, you can find Multiple Choice Questions with Answers. These Objective Type Questions are helpful to prepare and understand the exam method.

Physical Quantities and Measurement: Physics Notes for Class 9 MCQs Chapter 1

Short Questions and Answers of Chapter No.1 are also available.

The base quantity is __________.

(a) Mass
(b) Volume
(c) Torque
(d) Momentum

(a) Mass 

2. The number of base units in SI are__________.

(a) 3
(b) 6
(c) 7
(d) 9

(c) 7 

3. A force of ten N is making an angle of 30° with horizontal. Its horizontal component will be __________.

(a) 4N
(to) 5N
(c) 7N
(d) 8.7N

(d) 8.7N 

4. Which one of the following units is not a derived unit:

(a) Pascal
(b) kilogram
(c) Newton
(d) Watt

(b) kilogram 

5. Which one of the following is the smallest quantity:

(a) 00.01 g
(b) 2mg
(c) 100 µg
(d) 5000 ng

(d) 5000 ng 

6. The volume of one litre is equal to __________.

(a) 1 cm³
(b) 10 cm³
(c) 100 cm³
(d) 1000 cm³

(d) 1000 cm³

7. The least count of Vernier Calliper is:

(a) 0.1 mm
(b) 0.01 cm
(c) 0.1 cm
(d) 0.01 mm

(b) 0.01 cm 

8. In which state molecules do not leave their position?

(a) Liquid
(b) Solid
(c) Gas
(d) Plasma

(b) Solid 

9. One megameter is equal to:

(a) 10⁶ m
(b) 10⁹ m
(c) 10¹² m
(d) 10³² m

(a) 10⁶ m 

10. The study of the internal structure of the earth is:

(a) Atomic Physics
(b) Geophysics
(c) Sound
(d) Heat

(b) Geophysics 

11. An interval of 200 µs is equivalent to:

(a) 0.2s
(b) 0.02s
(c) 2 x 10-⁴s
(d) 2 x 10-⁶s

(c) 2 x 10-⁴s 

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Above available MCQs are taken from Al-Hassan Super Notes Physics (English Medium) – IX

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