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My Last Day at College Essay for 2nd Year and Graduation


Here are 2 Essays on the Subject “My last day at College Essay for 2nd year and Graduation students”. Students of Matric and intermediate who are willing to appear in the annual examinations should prepare this Essay. If you are reading only selective essays then too it is important for exams. The first Essay is for the brilliant students of 2nd year and graduation. The 2nd essay is simple and easy for weak students. However, if you want this essay for brilliant students, you can try My Last Day at College Essay with Quotations at This Link.

Essay No.1 – Standard My Last day at college Essay for outstanding Students of 2nd Year and Graduation


Essay No.2 – Easy “My last day at college Essay” for Intermediate Weak Students

A college is a place where the youth of a nation see dreams of golden future. They work hard to realize these dreams. Thus, they develop a close relationship with the college. They love and like everything about it. There, all students live like a family. They do not want to separate. But a day comes when they have to leave the college. It is the time to of real sadness for them.

I also remember my last day at college. It was a gloomy day for me. It was the moment of separation. It was very depressing for all of us. Some of us were so emotional that they started weeping. But we decided to depart in a joyful mood.

First of all, we met our teachers to obtain autographs. After this, we had a round of the college to have a last look at everything of it. Then we met our vice principal and after that went to the Principal office. We took our character certificates from the office of the college clerk. Our Principal and teachers advised us to be honest in all the matters of life and do hard work. Then we went to a hotel, we enjoyed the lunch. In the evening, we got ready to go to our homes. It was the time to say goodbye. We embraced one another for the last time. Finally, we departed with the hope that we would meet again somewhere someday. This is how I spent my last day at college.

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