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Letter to Your Friend Congratulating him on his Success in Examination


Write a Letter to Your Friend Congratulating him on Success in Examination – Informal Letter

Here is a Letter Writing Example on an Informal Letter to Your friend Congratulating him on his Success in Examination. Students can write the same letter if the question is, Write a Congratulations letter to your friend on his Success in Exams. If you want a simple letter for Class 8 you can Click Here. However, to get the easy letter for Class 6 or 7 you can visit this link. There are some other informal letters also available here.

Congratulations Letter to Your Friend on his Brilliant Success in Exams for Class 9 and Class 11- English Letters

Examination Hall,
June 10, 2009

My Dear Friend,

Your last letter brought the happy news of your brilliant extra-ordinary success in F.Sc. examination. It was really the reward of your toil, persistent effort and prayers of your parents. I am extremely buoyed at it. Your brilliant success reciprocates with your diligence, effort and precision. I have no words to express my feelings and sentiments.

You have, definitely, set an example for your peers and younger ones. This success will open new possibilities and opportunities. You have inspired me a lot. You have excelled. No doubt, I would like to share your experience, which you have gained while preparing for the examination. You must feel sure and secure. You will use your talent for the benefit of your countrymen.

My dear friend, success is earned and you have proved it. You also told me that you had set a record in your family.

Congratulate your parents on my behalf.

Yours truly,

Sample Letter of Congratulations to a friend on Brilliant success in the examination – English Letters for 1st Year.

15, bull road,
3RD October, 2002.

My dear Atif,

It is a matter of great pleasure and joy that you have been successful in the Higher Secondary School Examination. You have also secured first division. I, therefore, congratulate you on your brilliant success. All the members of my family are very much pleased to know this. I shall try to meet you In person very soon. It is really a great successor part of you.

Pay my best regards to your parents. Love to Meena. I shall wait for an early reply from you. I hope you will not disappoint me in this regard.

With best wishes.

Sincerely Yours,

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