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Letter to Younger Brother Advising Him to Avoid Bad Company


Write a Letter to Younger Brother Advising Him to Avoid Bad Company for 1st Year – Class 11 Notes

Here is one more example of an Informal Letter to Younger Brother Advising Him to Avoid Bad Company. This is Letter for 11th Class students. In this letter, an elder brother is advising his younger brother to study hard and avoid bad company to achieve his goals in life. Click Here for more letters.

Informal Letter to Your Younger brother advising him to avoid bad company and Study Hard

Examination Hall,
City A.B.C
May 12, 2012.

My dear Hamza,

I hope this letter will find you in the best of health and spirits. Your result of the first-term exams shows that you are working pretty hard. Keep it up and continue to work with the same spirit and devotion. Mother and father are very happy with your progress and they pray for your health and success.

Dear brother, It is for the first time that you are living away from home. Hostel life is a mixed blessing. It has its advantages as well as disadvantages. There are all kinds of students here. There are some boys who are very hard-working and well-mannered. But there are others who are aimless and uncivilized. Bad boys do not study, and they try to waste the time of good students.

You know that a man is known by the company he keeps. Being your elder brother, I would advise you to keep away from bad company so that you achieve your goal. If you waste your time, gossiping with your friends, chatting on the internet, talking on the phone, or doing any other useless thing, you will never make your career. Time is precious. You should value it and make the best use of it.

Take care of yourself.

Yours affectionately,

Another Sample Letter to Your Younger Brother Asking Him to Give Up the Bad Company and pay full attention to his studies – Easy English

Examination Hall,
City A.B.C
May 12, 2012.

My dear Zeeshan,

I received a letter from your Principal yesterday. I was deeply pained to read that you had fallen into a bad company and hence neglected your studies. Since I am your elder brother, it is my responsibility to guide you properly.

Youth is a seed-time of life when we can make or mar our life. Our success in youth largely depends on the right choice of friends. If we spend our time in the company of vagabonds and shirkers, our future shall not be bright.

Most of the persons are fair-weather friends. They flatter us in our prosperity and desert us when we are in adversity. I, therefore, advise you to shun the company of such persons and select cultured, studious and regular college mates as your companions. Keep the irregular and irresponsible persons at arm’s length. If you do not avoid their company and mend your ways, I shall ask father to remove you from the college. You know how strict he is.

I am sure you will pay attention to my advice. Do write to me as early as possible.

Your Affectionate brother,
Rashid Ali

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