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Information Technology Essay with Outline for Students


Essay on Information Technology with Outline for Students of B.A, BSc, Bcom and BCS

Here is a new essay on Information Technology with Outline for students of B.A/BSc. In this essay, we will discuss the importance of Information technology in our daily life and how it has changed the world. Students can write the same essay under the title, Essay on Information Technology, Information Technology Essay and Essay on Information Technology in our Daily Lives. This essay contains 480 words and written by Imran Hashmi. For more topics, you should visit this link for more English Essay Writing Topics.

Outline of Information Technology Essay

  1. Information technology has brought social and geographical changes in the world.
  2. The world has become a global village.
  3. Information technology has become the need of every individual.
  4. It is an example of national development.
  5. Government is trying to promote information technology in many fields.
  6. Information technology consists of information system, internet technology, hardware and software of computers.
  7. Our nation needs both operational and technological skills.
  8. The computer is the swiftest and cheapest mode of communication.
  9. Information technology has reduced our distances from heavenly objects.
  10. The computer has revolutionized the fields of medicine and education.
  11. We should welcome Information Technology but not at the cost of human relationship.

Time changes rapidly and constantly. Change is around us, about us, within us and without us. Time has changed and updated traditional approaches. The latest techniques and methodologies have been introduced the meet the challenges of the new century. Technological advancement has shattered social and geographical boundaries of the world. It has brought a tremendous transformation in the fields of commerce and trade. Business is no more a native phenomenon. International trade is knocking at the doors of every country and everyone has to answer its call.

The wonderful advancement in Information Technology has really made this world a global village. No one can think of daily business without it. It has become the need of every individual. It represents the efficiency of a nation. It is a perfect example of national development. In developing countries like Pakistan, the importance of Information technology was not understood initially. But now Government has taken some steps forward to adopt Information Technology as a mode of conducting its operations.

Different institutions are established to meet the increasing demand of the students. These educational institutions are preparing the right professionals who can plan and execute important future plans. Information technology is a vast field. It is not the name of only one technology. It consists of an information system, internet technology, hardware and software of computers. In our country only imported machinery and technology are used. Our nation needs operational as well as technological skills. We should be independent in this field. We have become smart operators but technical skills are far away from us. Our technicians work for foreign companies as they have no other option.

The computer has revolutionized the modes of thinking and reasoning today. No other media can provide us information as speedily as a computer can through internet services. Computer software and hardware industries are at a peak. Internet facilities have enabled us to have worldwide information at our desk. Electronic mail (e-mail) is the swiftest and cheapest way to communicate. We can send and receive messages within seconds all around the world. Through information technology, we have reduced our distances from outer space and heavenly bodies. Similarly, information from the depths of the oceans is obtained regarding the availability of oil, minerals, precious stones, vegetables, rocks and sea life. The world of information has taken us to the metaphysical world.

In the field of medicine, computers can diagnose the disease even before its occurrence. In education, information technology has contributed a lot. It has made every information accessible for a common man wherever he lives. Information technology has not only eased up our lives but also changed our trends. We have accepted its power but we should not lose our power over it. It is nothing without human skills. We should keep our doors open to welcome information technology but should not let it create huge gaps between human beings.

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