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Informal Letter to Your Friend Thanking Him For the Books He Lent to You


Write a Letter to Your Friend Thanking him for the Books he Lent to You for Matric, Intermediate and Graduation – Letter to a Friend Format

In this letter you will learn how to write thank you note for lending something. This is an informal letter pattern on “Letter to your friend thanking him for the books he lent to you” which is in fact, something like writing a thanking note to your friend for lending you books. If you are a student you must know how to write thank you note for borrowing something. Hence, this is a thank you message for lending books. This letter is important for the Examination of IX Class, XI Class and Graduation. For more English Letter topis go here.

Write a letter to your friend thanking him for the books he lent to you for Examinations of Class 9, Class 11 and Graduation – Informal Letter Example

Examination Hall,

City A.B.C,

May 12, 2017

Dear Friend,

I hope that all of you are hale and hearty, and when this letter reaches you, everyone will be in the best of health and spirits.

I could not write you earlier because of a strict study schedule that I have been following lately. This also brings me to acknowledge that I received the books you lent me last week. I am really very grateful to you for this act of kindness. I have already started studying these books. I shall try to avail myself of these books in the best possible manner. These books are beautifully printed, well kept and well bound. They have charming covers. There are many kinds of books. Some of them are as dangerous as snakes and some are good as unfailing and sincere friends. Some books console everybody in grief and sorrow while others bring unmatchable joy. No doubt, your books are my unfailing and sincere companions. They guide us like true friends. I love good books from the core of my heart but I do no touch good-for-nothing books. Your books have enriched my mind and supplied me with a lot of informative lessons. They have changed my mind and have led me to the discovery of a realistic code of life.

I promise to keep them with great care. I will return them as early as possible. Thank you once again.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,


But before you prepare Letter to Your friend Thanking him for the books he lent to you, students should prepare Letter to Your Friend Requesting him to lend you some books because this one is also very important Letter with the point of view of exams.

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