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GK and Solved MCQs on Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

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General Knowledge and Solved MCQs about International Red Cross (ICRC) | Red Cross Test Questions

The purpose of this organization is to work for the safety of human life and health and to ensure respect for all humans. This post is about General Knowledge and MCQs on Red Cross (ICRC) and Red Crescent Movement. These Multiple Choice Questions are here to practice for the job test and the source is Wikipedia and Caravan General Knowledge Book.

General Knowledge about Red Cross (ICRC) | International Red Cross GK

  • Founded: 1863
  • Founders: Henry Dunant, Gustave Moynier, Theodore Maunoir, Guillaume-Henri Dufour, Louis Appia
  • Type: Non-governmental organization (Non-profit organization)
  • Focus Humanitarianism
  • Location: Geneva, Switzerland
  • Area served Worldwide
  • Method Aid

Solved MCQs on Red Cross (ICRC) | Red Cross Questions and Answers

1. The headquarters of the International Red Cross is situated in:

(a) Paris
(b) Hague
(c) Geneva
(d) Vienna

(c) Geneva

2. Red Cross was founded by

(a) Henry Dunant
(b) Baden Powell
(c) Trygve Lie
(d) Frederick Passey

(a) Henry Dunant

3. Why each year World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day is celebrated on May 8?

(a) Birthday of its founder Henri Durant
(b) Anniversary of its founder Henri Durant
(c) On this day red cross was established
(d) On this day 30000 soldiers were killed or wounded in the battle of Solferino

(a) Birthday of its founder Henri Durant

4. When was Red Cross established by Jean Henri Durant?

(a) 1860
(b) 1861
(c) 1863
(d) 1867

(c) 1863

5. Red Cross is the reverse of the flag of which country?

(a) Germany
(b) Switzerland
(c) England
(d) Sweden

(b) Switzerland

6. What is the motto of Red Cross?

(a) Charity in War
(b) Service in War
(c) Help in War
(d) All of them

(a) Charity in War

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