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FSC 1st Year Physics Chapter 2 Solved Exercise Notes PDF


In this post, I am sharing FSC 1st Year Physics Chapter 2 Solved Exercise & Numericals Notes PDF for the students of Intermediate Part 1. This is the 2nd chapter from the 11th Physics book and its name is Vectors and Equilibrium. Students can download the 11th class physics chapter 2 Vector and Equilibrium Notes PDF from here. These notes have been taken from Kips Notes. These Physics Notes are for all the boards working under Punjab Board like Gujranwala Board, Lahore Board, Faisalabad Board, Multan Board, Rawalpindi Board, Sargodha Board, DG Kahn Board, and Sahiwal Board. Here are the complete FSC 1st Year Physics Notes PDF chapter-wise.

FSC Part 1 Physics Chapter 2 Vector and Equilibrium Exercise & Numericals Notes PDF

You can read these Class 11 Physics Chapter 2 Solved Exercise Notes online and also can download them by pressing red button below these notes.

A tractor of weight 15000 N crosses a single span bridge of weight 8000N and of length 21.0 m. The bridge apan supported half a meter from either end. The tractor front wheels take 1/3 of the total weight of the tractor, and the rear wheels are 3m behind the front wheels. Calculate the force on the bridge supports when the rear wheels are at the middle of the bridge span.



                                weight of tractor = w = 15000N
                                weight of bridge = wb = 8000N
                                length of bridge = lb = 21 m
                                length of tractor = l = 3m

To find:

                Force on bridge support =?


                The weight at the middle of bridge = weight of bridge + 2/3 weight of tractor

                                                                                     = 8000+ 2/3 x 15000

                                                                                     = 8000 + 10000 = 18000N

                                Its moments arm                  = 10m

                   Weight of tractor at point D       = 5000N

                     Its moment arm                              = 13m

                     Force at support                            A= F1

                     Its moment arm                               = 20m ans

                r1 + r2 + r3 =0

                18000 x 10 + 5000 x 13 – F1 x 20 = 0

                F1 x 20 = 245000

                F1 = 12250 N

Thus   F1 = 12.25 kN ans

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