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Excise and Taxation Inspector Past Paper 2010


Excise and Taxation Inspector Past Paper 2010

This post contains Excise and Taxation Inspector Past Paper. This paper was held in 2010 and Solved MCQs of this paper are here for those who are looking for Inspector Excise and Taxation Past Papers. These Multiple Choice Questions are good for NTS, PPSC, CSS, FPSC and other Exams. For more, you can visit PPSC Past Papers.

Inspector Excise and Taxation 2010 Past Paper

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61. Fear of enclosed spaces is known as:
(A) Hydrophobia
(B) Claustrophobia
(C) Kleptophobia
(D) Heliophobia

62.The normal pH of blood is:
(A) > 7
(B) < 7
(C) 0
(D) 7

Choose the most suitable word to match the given meaning:

63. To introduce ideas:

(A) instil
(B) inspire
(C) invigorate
(D) impress

64. Less than: 
(A) Intra
(B) Infra
(C) Inter
(D) Intro

65. To disfigure:
(A) Efface
(B) Deface
(C) Face
(D) Beautify

66. To hesitate: 
(A) Murmur
(B) Demure
(C) Agree
(D) Demur

67. A terrible, sudden accident:
(A) Holocaust
(B) Disaster
(C) Epidemic
(D) Jolt

Choose the correct meaning of the idioms:

68. Hide one’s tight under a bushel
(A) To save electricity
(B) To conceal one’s talents
(C) To avoid limelight
(D) TO use light in moderation

69. Hobson’s choice:
(A) Giving no choice at all
(B) To make the best choice
(C) To make the worst choice
(D) To settle for a compromise

70. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander:
(A) Everyone regardless of differences deserves equal treatment
(B) Goose and gander should both be fed with sauce
(C) Like treatment for like things
(D) Rich and poor should be treated equally

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71. To lionize a person:
(A) Acquisition of lion-like characteristics by a person
(B) To worship someone
(C) To treat a person as a celebrity
(D) A process for training circus lions

72. To gather orange blossoms:
(A) To get oranges
(B) To get a bride
(C) to get a groom
(D) To have children

73. Keep one’s own counsel:
(A) To retain one’s own layer
(B) To rely on own advice
(C) To preserve a discreet silence
(D) To obtain the services of a lawyer belonging to one’s own family

74. Fair-weather friends:
(A) Persons who remain friends at all times
(B) Persons who cease to be friends when one is in trouble
(C) Persons who forge friendships when fair weather conditions exist
(D) Persons who maintain friendships even in difficult times

75. Leading questions:
(A) Main question
(B) Question requiring a precise answer
(C) Question suggesting an answer
(D) Question which is the most difficult to answer

76. (-8)
(A) 256
(B) -32
(C) -256
(D) 32

77. lf x=4, y=2, then (x+y)² =
(A) 28
(B) 36
(C) 32
(D) 12

78. 100/100000
(A) .002
(B) .001
(C) .01
(D) .02

79. Sohail sold his old car for Rs. 45,000. He had earlier bought it for Rs. 80,000. What is his percentage loss?

(A) 44.5%
(B) 39.3%
(C) 48.4%
(D) 43.7% 

80. A man makes a late payment of his property tax of Rs. 30,000. He is late by 45 days and on each day he is required to pay an additional amount of 1% as a penalty but up to a maximum penalty of 15%. if the principal amount of property tax is less than Rs. 25,000. What is the total amount of penalty he is required to pay?
(A) 4,500
(B) 34,500
(C) 43,500
(D) 13,500

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Disclaimer: I have taken this Excise and Taxation Inspector Past Paper from a book. I am not sure about the originality of this paper. However, posting here for practice.

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