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Essay on the Value of Cultural Festivals and Fairs


Essay on the Value of Cultural Festivals and Fairs for Matric, FA, FSC, Intermediate, 2nd Year, BA and BSC | Why we Celebrate Festivals

Here is an essay on the value of cultural festivals and Fairs for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation. This is an important essay and previously it was in the examination (P.U. 1999 B.sc). You can write the same essay under the question, Essay on why we celebrate festivals, essay on the importance of festivals, cultural festivals and fairs essay and advantages of celebrating festivals essay.

Essay on the Importance of Cultural Festivals and Fairs for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation

Man is the best creature of the God. He cannot but live in society. It is an acknowledged fact that man wants to live and die with his fellow-men. It is his natural desire to share his joys and sorrows with others. This thing has given rise to the need of public fairs and festivals. Such fairs and festivals are occasionally held in every country. Sometimes they are held to celebrate some important occasion of national or historic importance. But often public fairs are held as a kind of annual gathering or stock taking. People assemble at a fixed place and give free vent to their feelings of joy and pleasure. Different kinds of games and playful activities are held, in which everybody tries to take part. Animals of different kinds are bought and sold. Stalls of different commodities are open for display. Such occasion of public enjoyment and merrymaking get the form of cattle fairs and industrial fairs.

Fairs and festivals have great recreational importance. They are an important need of human life. That is why such fairs and festivals are a common feature of human civilization all over the world. Perhaps there is no country on earth where one kind of fair or festival is not held every year. Sometimes, these fairs assume international importance. Thus Olympic games and industrial fairs of international level are a kind of joyful activity in which all the nations are invited to take part. These fairs and festivals provide a good opportunity for amusements and recreation. Recreation is a necessity of human life.

There are different kinds of artists who show their feats of skill. The farmers get an opportunity to show the best kind of cattle they have brought up. The industrialists come forward with the best kind of goods produced by them. Thus the fair reflects the emotional as well as the intellectual side of national life. It shows the things and the activities in which that nation as a whole is interested. From such fairs, we come to know the achievements made by that country in the field of agriculture, industry, handicrafts, etc. The artists get an opportunity to amuse the people with their performance. All these things give such a great attraction to these fairs that not only young men and boys see them but also old men and women are tempted to grace them. Important personalities of the country are invited to different games and achievements.

These fairs and festivals have great cultural values. They reflect the cultural life of a nation. We come to know from such fairs the ways of life and the things which are most valued by the people. They have educative value also. We can learn from such fairs the degree of industrial, agricultural and material advancement that serve us an inspiration for future struggle. They heighten the sense of national pride and glory. When we see the wonderful feats of strength, skill and ingenuity performed by various sections of society, we feel proud of our country and love it all the more.

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