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Essay on the Importance of Newspaper and Press


Essay on the Importance of Newspaper and Press for Matric, FA, FSC, 2nd Year, Intermediate, BA and BSC

Here is an essay on Importance of Newspaper and Press for students of Class 10, Class 12, Graduation and other classes. Students can write the same essay under the question, Value of Press, Value of Newspaper, Essay on importance of the press, an essay on importance of newspaper, essay on importance of newspaper in our daily life.

Essay on Value of Newspaper and Press for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation

The newspapers wield a tremendous influence in the modern world. They are powerful machines for spreading all sorts of news and views. The growth of literacy and the improved means of communication have played and are still playing a great part in extending the sphere of their influence. There are hundreds of newspapers in the world. Some of them command a very wide circulation and are read by millions of people. Some are published daily and the others periodically. They bring many advantages for their readers.

First, the newspapers keep us in touch with the world. Without them, we cannot know all the important news of our town or village. They extend the bounds of our knowledge and keep it up-to-date. They make us feel that we are living creatures in a living world. They play a great part in bringing the people living, in different parts of the world closer together. They contain news for almost all classes of people. For example, important decisions of Various law courts are published in them for the benefit of the lawyers.

Second, the sportsman finds in them the news that relates to his own profession. Commercial news are published for businessmen. Lovers of the Radio and the TV can look up in them the daily programme at their entertainment pages. The advertisements help the advertisers in selling their goods better and quicker. A man of literature can feed his taste by reading stories of other articles which are punished in them from time to time. The unemployed can look up the wanted columns for vacant jobs. The employers can easily get suitable hands by advertising in the newspapers. Those in search 0f brides or bridegrooms can look up the matrimonial column. Aggrieved persons can ventilate their grievances by writing letters to the editors.

Third, the newspapers print University results for the benefit of the students. They can help in the Spread of good ideas. They can raise moral tone of their leaders, They can lead a powerful revolt against all types of tyranny and injustice. They can make their readers better citizens by giving them right guidance. They can create a feeling of goodwill between the various classes, races and nations of the world. Thus We find that they can do a lot of good.

But they can do a lot of harm also. They are a double-edged weapon and cut both ways. By publishing false news, they can give wrong and false information to the people. By means of inflammatory articles, they can widen the gulf between the various races and nations of the world. By publishing all sorts of war news, they can, sometimes, make the people nervous and excited. Unfavourable war news should be published only at the proper time when it is not likely to cause much harm.

The newspapers can impede the war effort of a country by publishing false and alarming news. S0 war news should, therefore, be censored. The newspapers can disturb the peace of a country by printing articles likely to set one community against another. They sometimes, do irreparable harm by publishing even true accounts of communal riots. Such news should either not be published or published after the restoration of normal conditions. Some newspapers accept bribes from mischievous people and become mere tools in their hands. The newspapers can retard the growth of nationalism in a slave country. They can become mere machines for party propaganda. By publishing sensational and dirty stories and articles, they can pave the way for the moral degradation of their readers.

Their management should, therefore, be in very capable hands, because it is only then that they can do real good to the world. All editors should be persons of high character. They should be non-partymen and should uphold the cause of justice and truth at all costs. There should be a committee of wise men to control the activities of mischievous editors.

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