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Essay on My Hobby Stamp Collecting for Class 10 in English


Here is an example of an Essay on My Hobby Stamp Collecting for Class 10 students in English. People have different hobbies and that’s all which you need to discuss in this essay. Students can write the same essay if the title is asked only Write an Essay on My Hobby. I have already shared an essay on my favourite hobby gardening. This particular essay is for the students of matric. Length of content and selection of vocabulary is very good. For more Essay Samples you can visit English Essays for Class 10.

My Favourite Hobby Stamp Collecting Essay for 10th Class in English

A hobby is an activity we do in our spare time for the sake of pleasure and entertainment. Hobbies are of different kinds such as gardening, photography, stamp collecting, coin collecting and painting. Almost every person has his own hobby.

Stamp collecting is my hobby. I collect stamps of different countries. They are my priceless treasure. Whenever I am gloomy I take out my album and feel happy. I have a big collection of stamps. I have never bought a single stamp from the Bazar. My collection has cost me nothing. My father works in an office. he often gives me stamps of many countries of the world. Stamp collecting is an interesting hobby. Moreover, I do not find it difficult. I have many pen friends with whom I exchange stamps. They ask me many questions about my country. I have learnt much about the manners, culture, traditions and the customs of other countries. I have got this knowledge through correspondence.

Stamps have different pictures on them. Picture of men and women, birds and animals, kings and queens pass before my eyes. I have learnt the history of nations through stamps. The stamps always remind me of the happy period of past history. My hobby gives me great joy. it increases my pleasure. it is an interesting activity. It is not an expensive hobby for me. I refresh my brain with it. It also adds to my information. I make myself busy in a healthy activity. My hobby is comparatively cheaper than photography or painting. The stamps are our treasure of interesting and useful information for all my friends.

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