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Essay on Future of Muslim Community


The Future of Muslim Community for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation | Essay on Backwardness of Muslim community

Here is an Essay on Future of Muslim Community for Class 10, Class 12 and graduation. The same essay could be written under the title Essay on Causes of Muslim Backwardness, Essay on Backwardness of Muslim Community and Future of Muslim Community essay. This essay will discuss the reasons of backwardness of Muslims. Here is an essay on Problems of the Islamic world.

Essay on Future of Muslim Community for Matric, FA, FSC, BA and BSC

The modern world presents the most disturbing situation in human history. We see that there is disorder and anarchy going on in every part of the world. The Muslim countries are the worst sufferers. They are made a victim of barbarity and cruelty. The Muslims all over the world are backward in the advancement of science and technology now-a-days. They lack modern weapons of war to defend themselves. The rulers of the Muslim countries play the second fiddle to the superpower America. America with its progress and advancement in sophisticated weapons has overawed almost every Muslim country. The rulers of the Muslim countries being coward do not challenge the hegemony of America.

After 9/11 incident, America attacked Afghanistan and Iraq. It attacked both countries with the most modern weapons and caused endless destruction in both the countries. Millions of people were killed and wounded in these wars. Hospitals, colleges, shopping plazas, hotels and many precious buildings were dashed to the ground. Both the countries offered a picture of mass destruction.

The designs behind American attack were totally wicked. First, it wanted to crush the Muslim unity in both these countries. The Uprising of the Islamic movement in Afghanistan was an eyesore for it. In Iraq, its Object was to take control of the vast oil wealth of the country.

The Muslims in occupied Kashmir are also bleeding. They are being killed, wounded and arrested by the Indian army. Thousands have been rendered homeless. The freedom fighters are termed as terrorists. In Palestine, the situation is very grave. The Muslims of Palestine are killed and tortured daily by Israel. They are weaponless. They are no doubt putting up great resistance to the cruel Israeli army.

We see that everywhere the Muslims are killed, wounded and punished for being Muslims. America and the West are inwardly overawed by the revival of Islam in Europe and other western countries. Thousands of the Europeans and Western People are embracing Islam every year. Western scholars and religious thinkers are highly afraid of it and they are carrying on an unholy campaign against Islam and our beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH).

America and the European Countries are carrying this campaign in the name of terrorism and extremism. Every practising Muslim is dubbed as terrorist and fundamentalist. The conflict between the Muslims and the western countries is very deep. It is, in fact, a war of two civilizations. In this War, America has slaughtered numberless men, women and children. Thousands have been rendered homeless.

The freedom fighters of the Muslim countries are putting up a massive, resistance against the Allied forces. They are brave resolute and devoted to their mission. They are committed to expel the foreign forces from their countries. They are laying down their lives for the honour and dignity of their countries. America and its Allied forces have realized their blunder of invading these countries. They are now thinking of putting out their forces from these countries.

The future of the Muslims is quite bright in the coming years. America and its Allied cannot make the people of these countries their slave. They are sure to leave their illegal occupation. The sacrifices which the Muslims have made in this regard will not go waste.

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