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Essay on Kalabagh Dam with Outline


Kalabagh Dam Essay with Outline for Students of Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation

Essay on Kalabagh Dam is for the students of Pakistan because this Dam relates to Pakistan. First of all outline is present and later on, we discussed the history and issues with the construction of this dam. In Kala Bagh Dam essay we also discussed the benefits of Kala Bagh Dam.

Essay on Kalabagh Dam with Outline for Matric, Intermediate, 2nd Year, F.A, FSC, BA and BSC

  • Pakistan is suffering electricity shortage
  • How Pakistan get electricity
  • History of Kalabagh Dam
  • Location of Kalabagh Dam
  • Which benefits can be obtained with the construction of this dam

Pakistan is suffering from an active shortage of electricity. The load shedding of electricity has become a routine matter in the country. There is a profound difference between the present demand and supply of electricity. The population of Pakistan is, increasing at a tremendous rate.The gap between demand and supply of electricity will widen keeping in view the accelerated increased population. The result is that the rate of electricity is going up every year in the country. Moreover; for want of sufficient amount of electricity, the economic and industrial progress of the country is at stake.

There are several natural elements from which energy is derived. These elements are coal, oil and gas. These natural resources are to generate electricity. It is generally agreed that generation cost for the thermal power from furnace oil, coal and natural gas is at least five to twenty times more than that of the cost of hydral power generation. The construction of Kala Bagh Dam has been declared by the engineers and the scientists as a cheap source of energy. It is going to play a vital role in the economic and industrial development of the country.

The history of Kala Bagh Dam could be traced back to our four decades. In 1953, it was identified as a potential dam site for water storage as well as power generation.

The Kala Bagh Dam project includes construction of 260 feet high dam to create a reservoir with the capacity of 6.1 million acre-feet (MAF). It could be used for power generation, irrigation and flood control. The proposed project has two spillways having the discharge capacity of a little over two million cusecs. The right bank will be used for disposal of’ flood water, while the left bank will house a power station connected with 12 tunnel conduits. The ultimate power generation capacity is said to be 3600.

The proposed project is located on the Indus River 147 Kilometer downstream of the confluence of Kabul and Indus River. It is almost 120 miles up from the Tarbela Dam and fifteen miles up the Jinnah Barrage in Mianwali. The proposed reservoir has a maximum retention level of 925 feet based on sea level at Karachi. The modified project has the reservoir whose maximum retention level is 915 feet from the sea level. it cannot pose threat to Mardan (970 feet), Nowshera (935 feet) and Swabi (1000) feet.

in spite of the great utility of thé Dam as a cheap source of energy, it has sparked off a controversy. Except Punjab, the announcement of constructing the Dam was received with a wave of protests, rallies and sit-ins.

‘The construction of Kala Bagh Dam is a “must for the prosperity of the coming generation. Pakistan has not built any hydro dam since 1975. Though many private power plants including the 1292 MW. Hubco, have been allowed to generate and sell electricity. But electricity which these plants sell to Pakistan is very costly.

The immediate benefit of the construction of Kala Bagh Dam is that the 40000 people belonging to Kohat and Peshawar will get job opportunities.

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