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English Report on Beggars and Begging to Director General Social Welfare

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English Report Writing Example on beggars and begging as a Social Welfare Officer to DG Social Welfare Department Lahore for BSC Students

Here is an English Report Writing Example, Report on beggars and begging in your city for BSC Students. You will write this report as a Social Welfare Officer to Director General Social Welfare Department, Lahore. With the point of view of Exams of BSC this is an important Report and previously 2 times it was in Exams PU 1999, 2002.

Write a report on beggars and begging on the Railways Station of your city from a Social Welfare Officer to the Director General Social Welfare Department, Lahore for BSC Students

May 15, 2010.

The Director-General,
Social Welfare Department,

From: Social Welfare Office.

Subject: Beggars and begging in the Main Bazaar of City ABC.



I have been asked by you to submit a report on the beggars and begging on the Railways Station of my city ABC. After receiving your orders I visited the Railways Station. The Railways Station of my city is a crowded area and there were a lot of beggars. I can define these beggers under three categories which are as under.

Fake and Professional Beggars:

The majority of the beggars there was fake and professional. They are well trained in this profession and make sentimental cries and heart rendering appeals. They beg in the name of religion and morality. They use different tactics to attract the attention of passengers. Few of them have fake bandages on their arms or heads. Some of them crawl on the road. The passengers and their relatives who come there to receive them take pity on them and give some money.

Child Beggars:

I found a lot of child beggars there who pester everyone at the time of arrival of a train. Some of them belong to poor and downtrodden families but some are from professional families which I have mentioned already. They are quite young. When a train reaches the Station they rush to the passengers and beg some alms from them. They are very large in number. They should be in schools instead of being there.

Genuine Beggars:

After the first 2 categories now I will come to the real ones. There are only a few beggars who are genuine. In fact, they are the people who need a real financial help. Some of them are widows and others are old, weak and disabled persons who are not able to work.


  1. It is suggested that begging should be prohibited by law.
  2. The beggars who are weak or disabled and cannot work must be kept in charitable institutions. The Government should arrange some light work like knitting, washing, cooking for them.
  3. Professional beggars must be treated strictly by Police department as per law and set to some work.
  4. Real and needy beggars should be properly helped. Child beggars should be sent to school and government should look after them.


X.Y.Z (Social Welfare Officer)

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