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Complete Essay on Unrest Among Students


Essay on Unrest Among Students for 2nd Year, FA, FSC, BA and BSC

Here is an essay on Unrest Among Students for the students of different classes. The same content could be written under the title, Unrest Among Students Essay, Students Unrest Essay, Causes and Solutions of Unrest Among the Students. Describe the reasons for this students unrest.

Unrest Among Students Essay for Graduation Students

Students of our time do not feel satisfied. We see that they are restless. They go on strikes on one pretext or the other. The problem of the student unrest is found in developing countries. One country is no exception to it. In our country, the student strikes have assumed an alarming situation. We find that the students have a long list of demands every day They want to get them fulfilled. If their demands are not fulfilled they go on strikes Some of their demands are real and genuine. However, most of them are ill-founded.

The student strikes are the result of deep-seated reasons. Nobody can favour them In these strikes, the study work is suspended. The students collect and form a procession. They come outside the boundary of their institutions. They raise slogans against the government and protest against its politics. They abuse the policemen and throw stones at them. The public property is looted and the buses are burnt. The traffic is blocked. In this way, they take the law into their own hands and cause great trouble to the public. These strikes end in serious clashes. They are often “Lathi Charged” by the police. Sometimes even precious lives are lost. These strikes have become a problem with every government

Let us study the causes of the student unrest with reference to our country. There are many reasons for student unrest.

First, the student unrest is linked with our social and economic conditions. Our social and economic values are rapidly changing our country is capitalist. The fruits of capitalism are unemployment, inflation, the loss of moral and spiritual values. These forces produce in our young men a sort of frustration. An educated person does not get a job after the completion of his education. This is something to which he does not reconcile. He has his own ambitions and desires to fulfil. When his ambitions and desires are not fulfilled, he becomes restless. This frustration travels to colleges and universities. The students are greatly influenced by it. They give an expression to this frustration by going on strike.

Secondly, our students have to study very difficult and lengthy courses. They are not related to life. The students do not find interest in their books. They do not attend to their classes because they consider it a burden on their mind. They stay away from their classes and try to give themselves relief by going on strikes. The strikes afford them a temporary relief from the dullness of books. It is a sort of amusement to them. This situation can be improved if the teaching is made interesting and absorbing.

Thirdly, some of their problems are quite real and need our attention. The transportation problem is at the top. In the recent years, this problem has given birth to great unrest among the students. The students do not have any way of coming and going to the colleges. The government cannot provide them with enough buses. They have a few buses at the disposal. However, the students have been given concession in the bus fare. This concession has not been properly utilized. The transporters do not give full cooperation to the students. The students are beaten and manhandled. They are refused this concession by the uncivilized conductors. The students go on strikes and demonstrations when they are dishonoured and manhandled by the transporters. The Students face many other problems in their institution.

Fourthly, the colleges and universities in our country suffer from lack of facilities in the field of sports and education. There is a shortage of teachers, playgrounds, libraries and laboratories. These factors are responsible for the indiscipline among the students.

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