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Chemistry Class 9 MCQs with Answers of all Chapters


In this post, I am sharing Chemistry Class 9 MCQs with Answers in PDF format. In the annual exam chemistry paper will contain 60 marks. 18 marks will be based on multiple-choice questions. The most important thing is that if you prepare them well, you can obtain full marks in MCQs. These marks can play a vital role in obtaining good marks and securing a better position in exams. At the bottom of this post, I am sharing relevant notes, which you should also go through. Hereunder, I am sharing 9th Class Chemistry Solved MCQs with Answers of all chapters. The good thing is that you can download them in PDF format.

9th Class Chemistry Solved MCQs Chapter-wise Notes PDF

Chapter No.Chapter NameDownload PDF
1Fundamentals of ChemistryClick Here
2Structure of AtomsClick Here
3Periodic Table & Periodicity of PropertiesClick Here
4Structure of MoleculesClick Here
5Physical States of MatterClick Here
6SolutionsClick Here
7ElectrochemistryClick Here
8Chemical ReactivityClick Here

Above you will see the names of 8 chapters from Chemistry class 9 book. As you can see this is a table with 3 columns. The 3rd column contains the download links of all chapters. Click on the required chapter and download its MCQs. All chapter’s MCQs are with Answers, so, you can download them one by one and prepare. 9th Class Notes of all books are available at ilmihub. Please leave us a review comment about the quality of these notes.

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