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Chemistry Notes Class 9 All Chapters for Punjab Board


In this post, I am sharing Chemistry Notes Class 9 All Chapters in PDF format for the students of 9th class. I am posting each chapter’s notes. Students who are searching for the Class 9 Chemistry Notes PDF can download these notes from this post. On ilmihub, each set of notes has been meticulously prepared by experienced educators, ensuring that you get accurate and reliable educational material.

Chapter 1 – Fundamentals of Chemistry

Chapter 2 – Structure of Atoms

Chapter 3 – Periodic Table and Periodicity of Properties

Chapter 4 – Structure of Molecules

Chapter 5 Physical States of Matter

Chapter 6 – Solutions

Chapter 7 – Electrochemistry

Chapter 8 – Chemical Reactivity

Class 9th Chemistry Notes English Medium Chapter-wise

Above, I have divided these class 9th Chemistry notes into 6 strands of each chapter. This is to make things easy for students. Click on the required notes and get on your mobile or laptop to read it offline. Solved exercises of all chapters are also added. Prepare it well and get good marks. However, if you want notes chapter-wise and want to download all the notes from a single post, I am sharing them as well.

Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5 Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8

How students can use 9 Class Chemistry Notes to obtain good marks?

If you see the class 9 mark sheet, you will come to know that there are a total of 60 marks for Chemistry subject. When you break it into parts, there are 30 marks for short questions, 18 marks for long questions and 12 questions for MCQs. You can obtain full marks from MCQs. If you see the post above, I have divided each chapter into 5 or 6 parts. Click on the short questions with answers of the required chapter and prepare it well, then go for long questions with answers and after preparing solved MCQs, you will see a post “Test Paper“. Go for it to know about your preparation. This is the simplest way to use Chemistry Notes Class 9 to prepare well for the exams to obtain higher marks.

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