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9th Class Notes PDF – All Subjects


In this post, I am sharing Class 9 Notes of all subjects in PDF format. These notes are important for learning and achieving high scores in annual exams. Solved Class 9 Notes are here for students which which I am sharing for those students who aim to obtain good marks in exams. The good thing is that you can download them in PDF format. Hereunder, you will see all 9th class notes, science group and arts group. Notes of Science group books will be in different parts, like long questions, short questions, solved MCQs and solved exercises. However, arts group notes will be as full chapter notes. These notes are for all the boards working under the Punjab Board. I have also shared 9th Class Books of all subjects in PDF format.

Download Class 9 Notes PDF of All Books

Class 9 Science Group Marks Distribution of All Subjects

This chart shows the Marks Distribution of all subjects of Class 9. There are a total of 505 marks in Matric Part 1 of Biology group. On the other hand 495 marks for the computer science group. Further, you should also see the 9th Class Pairing Scheme of all subjects.

How to Download?

To download these 9th Class Notes in PDF format just click on the book name of your required notes and you will reach the page where you will be able to download notes of that book in PDF format.

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