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Best Essay on the United Nations Organization (UNO)


Essay on UNO (United Nations Organization) for Matric, FA, FSC, 2nd Year, BA and BSC

Here is an essay on UNO (United Nations Organization) for the students of different classes. Students can write the same essay if the question, write an essay on UNO, Essay on United Nations Organization, Essay on the Role of UNO. This essay will discuss the formation and role of UNO.

Essay on United Nations Organization (UNO) for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation

The UNO (United Nations Organization) is a world organization. Different nations of the world formed it in 1945, after the Second World War. The UNO has very high and noble aims. Its first main aim is to prevent war in the world. Its second aim is to make people happy and prosperous all over the world. The UNO works for the whole world to bring peace and satisfaction to it.

The UNO prevents war in different ways. First of all, when there is a serious dispute between two or more of its member countries it tries to solve it. The UNO arranges discussions about the dispute between the representatives 0f the member countries. They may agree to solve their dispute. Or the officers of the UNO discuss the causes of the dispute with the rulers of the countries and try to settle their dispute. When there is a dispute between two or more countries, the UNO tries to stop it quickly. It discusses the causes of the war with the representatives 0f the fighting countries and tries to remove them.

As a peacemaking body, the security council, a branch of UNO has utterly failed. It remained silent when Afghanistan was invaded by Russia and America. The role of the security council cannot be favoured by anyone when America attacked Iraq. The occupation of Iraq by the American army has not been condemned and cursed by the security council. No resolution against America has been passed by it. The security council has done nothing to stop killing of the Muslims in Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and other Muslim countries. We can say that UNO has failed to restore peace in any part of the Muslim World.

The UNO tries to solve the problems of health, education, agriculture etc of member countries. It provides medicines and advice to member countries for serious diseases. The UNO provides useful books, educational media material etc to member countries. It helps in educating children and common people. It also provides medicines to remove diseases of plants and crops. iI sends trained persons to different countries to advise them now to increase their food production. The UNO also helps those countries where great floods, earthquakes storms etc bring destruction.

There are two main parts of UNO. One is the General Assembly and the other is the Security Council. The General Assembly considers questions of war, peace, development and justice. It tries to give help to poor countries to improve the condition of their people. It increases cooperation among different countries. The Security Council has fifteen members. Five of these are permanent. Each of these permanent members has a right to reject any decision of the Security Council. Urgent matters of war and politics are considered here.

There are special branches of the UNO like the World Health Organization. These branches help member countries in the fields of health, education, agriculture, trade etc. The UNO gives much useful help in the economic scientific and educational fields to member countries. It has done much to bring different countries close to one another.

The UNO is not very useful in some ways. Big powers like the USA and Russia can easily reject the decisions of the Security Council by using their “Vetoes” power of rejection. These powers control the discussion in the General Assembly to a great extent. The result of this is that justice is not done to smaller powers or weaker countries. Decisions in their favour are often not taken or are rejected by the big countries.

The UNO has not been very successful in preventing war. This is so because it has not tried well to solve the disputes between different countries. S0 there have been wars between India and Pakistan and between Arab countries and Israel.

The People’s Republic of China has been admitted to the UNO. It is now a permanent member of the Deputy Council. It can play a very useful role as a world power in favour of smaller or weaker countries.

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