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General Knowledge Solved MCQs about World Health Organization (WHO)


Important Solved MCQs about World Health Organization (WHO) for Competitive Examinations

World Health Organization is known as WHO in all over the world. This organization deals with the health matters. This is important to get your knowledge update about this organization. Here are some Solved MCQs about World Health Organization. You can prepare this quiz if you are getting prepared for competitive exams of CSS, PPSC, FPSC and NTS. But only for general knowledge purpose too, you can read this and try to solve this puzzle. By solving it you can aware of your General Knowledge ability. However, after Solved MCQs about WHO you can visit General Knowledge MCQs for more posts like this.

World Health Organization MCQs with Answers Quiz | GK

1. World Health Organization was established in___________
(a) 1946
(b) 1947
(c) 1945
(d) 1948

(d) 1948

2. When was the idea for a global health agency proposed at the United Nations conference on international Organization held in California?
(a) 1947
(b) 1946
(c) 1945
(d) 1944

(c) 1945

3. WHO’s global campaign to eliminate smallpox began in_______

(a) 1962
(b) 1965
(c) 1966
(d) 1967

(d) 1967

4. When did WHO reported that smallpox had been eradicated worldwide?

(a) 1979
(b) 1965
(c) 1974
(d) 1975

(a) 1979

5. ln 1980’s WHO launched programmes to eradicate polio and

(a) Diphtheria
(b) Whooping Cough
(c) Leprosy
(d) Tetanus

(c) Leprosy

6. WHO has how many member nations?

(a) 190
(b) 194
(c) 185
(d) 188

(b) 194

7. _________is the current director-general of WHO.

(a) Margaret Chan
(b) Dag Hammarskjold
(c) Kurt Waldheim
(d) Boutros Boutros-Ghali

S(a) Margaret Chan

8. The WHO has its headquarters in ______.

(a) Paris
(b) Hague
(c) Geneva
(d) Washington DC

(c) Geneva

9. The WHO has 194 Member States, including all UN Member States, except______and 2 non-UN members, Niue and the Cook Islands.

(a) Mexico
(b) Liechtenstein
(c) Andorra
(d) Spain

(b) Liechtenstein

Hope you have tried your best to solve this puzzle and found it interesting. If you want educational stuff, you can visit the homepage of this website. For more multiple choice Objective MCQs, you can visit European Union MCQs too.

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