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Write a Letter to Your Friend Requesting Him to Spend His Spring Holidays With You


Informal Letter to a Friend asking him to Spend his Spring Holidays with You

Here is a Sample English letter on “Informal Letter to Your Friend Requesting him to spend his spring holidays with you” for examinations of Matric, Intermediate and Graduation. In this letter format, the students will learn who to write a letter to a friend inviting him to spend summer vacation. In the start of the letter, you should tell him about his promise of spending holidays and also tell him how you both will spend these vacation. So this also a letter to friend about holiday plans. Students of 10th, 2nd Year and other classes can prepare this letter for Examinations.

Sample Letter to Your Friend Requesting Him to Spend His Spring Holidays With You for the Examination of 10th Class, 2nd Year and Graduation – Informal English Letter Format

Examination Hall,
City A.B.C
March 16, 2017.

Dear friend,

How are you? I hope this letter will find you in the best of your health. I felt great after reading your letter. I am unusually pleased to learn that your school will break up for the spring holiday next week. I would like you to spend these holiday with me. Do you remember your promise of spending these holidays with us at Murree? Now it is time to fulfil your promise. I hope you will keep your promise. Father and mother will be extremely glad if you spend a week or so with us. The weather is very pleasant there and we shall have time to roam about on hills and in the valley. I assure you that you will have a pleasant change from hard bookish life. You know that our village is situated on the right side of Murree. In the spring season, Murree wears a new look and it becomes the venue of many conferences, exhibitions and circuses. Nowadays, it is the seat of many social gatherings and other recreations. A cheerful life, a healthy climate and charming view are its prominent features. I have also arranged for horse riding with the local horsemen. We shall visit our common friends and do shopping. I am sure you will have a jolly good time over here with us. I hope you will not disappoint me. Please. Do not forget to bring your camera with you. We shall capture the snaps of beautiful natural scenery.

Inform me as early as possible about the exact date of your arrival so that I may be able to make further arrangements accordingly. No excuse will do!

Regards to everybody at home.

Yours affectionately,

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