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Solved MCQs about NAM | Non Alignment Movement General Knowledge

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General Knowledge and Solved MCQs about NAM for NTS, PPSC, CSS and FPSC

Here are Some Solved MCQs about NAM (Non-Aligned Movement). General Knowledge and MCQs about Non Aligned Movement could be prepared for the job test or entry test. These all questions are answered and the answer could be seen by pressing the blue button under each question. You can press this button again to hide it.

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Solved MCQs about Non Aligned Movement and GK

1. What was not the Principle adopted at the Bunding Conference and accepted at the first NAM Summit Meeting?
(a) Mutual non-aggression
(b) Mutual non-interference in each other’s affairs
(c) Peaceful Co-existence
(d) Mutual defence against foreign aggression

(d) Mutual defence against foreign aggression

2. First NAM Conference was held in Belgrade (Yugoslavia) in
(a) October 1960
(b) September 1961
(c) November 1962
(d) December 1959

(b) September 1961

3. Pakistan joined the NAM in?
(a) 1977
(b) 1978
(c) 1979
(d) 1980

(c) 1979

4. Which of the following countries is not the founder member of NAM?
(a) Yugoslavia
(b) Indonesia
(c) Pakistan
(d) Egypt

(c) Pakistan

5. The Non-Aligned Movements came into existence mainly through the initiative of
(a) Yugoslavian President Joseph Tito
(b) Indian Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru
(c) Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nassar
(d) All of them

(d) All of them

6. In 1992 the membership of which Non-Aligned Movement country was suspended
(a) Palestine
(b) Rwanda
(c) Yugoslavia
(d) Cyprus

(c) Yugoslavia

7. Who was the first Secretary General of NAM?
(a) Fidel Castro
(b) Josip Broz Tito
(c) ZailSingh
(d) Gamal Abdel Nasser

(b) Josip Broz Tito

8. The NAM Summit was held in September 1998 in __________
(a) Cuba
(b) South Africa
(c) India
(d) Pakistan

(b) South Africa

9. Which of the following is true about NAM?
(a) The NAM does not have a constitution
(b) The NAM does not have a permanent secretariat
(c) The NAM’s Coordinating Bureau is based at the UN
(d) All of the above

(d) All of the above

10. The 16th NAM Summit of 2012 was convened in
(a) Iran
(b) Yugoslavia
(c) Indonesia
(d) Malaysia

(a) Iran

11. Currently, NAM has _______________ members and 17 observer countries.
(a) 78
(b) 101
(c) 110
(d) 120

(d) 120

12. Who is the current Chairperson of NAM?
(a) Raul Castro
(b) Hosni Mubarak
(c) Chairperson: Nicolas Maduro
(d) Mahmoud Ahmad Inejad

(c) Chairperson: Nicolas Maduro

13. 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement was held in ____________ on 26-31 August 2012 in which U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also participated.
(a) Sharm El Sheikh
(b) Havana
(c) Tehran
(d) Jakarta

(c) Tehran

14. The 17th NAM Summit was held on 13-16th September 2016 in ________________?
(a) Iran
(b) Egypt
(c) Cuba
(d) Venezuela

(d) Venezuela

Detail of Summits of NAM

No. Date Host City, country
1st 1–6 September 1961 Belgrade, Yugoslavia
2nd 5–10 October 1964 Cairo, United Arab Republic
3rd 8–10 September 1970 Lusaka, Zambia
4th 5–9 September 1973 Algiers, Algeria
5th 16–19 August 1976 Colombo, Sri Lanka
6th 3–9 September 1979 Havana, Cuba
7th 7–12 March 1983 New Delhi, India
8th 1–6 September 1986 Harare, Zimbabwe
9th 4–7 September 1989 Belgrade, Yugoslavia
10th 1–6 September 1992 Jakarta, Indonesia
11th 18–20 October 1995 Cartagena, Colombia
12th 2–3 September 1998 Durban, South Africa
13th 20–25 February 2003 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
14th 15–16 September 2006 Havana, Cuba
15th 11–16 July 2009 Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt
16th 26–31 August 2012 Tehran, Iran
17th 13–18 September 2016 Porlamar, Venezuela
18th 2019 TBA, Azerbaijan

This Quiz about NAM is prepared very carefully as on 16.02.2018. If there is an update regarding these questions or you find any mistake please contact us or mention in the comment.


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