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Quotations for Corona Virus Essay | COVID-19 Quotes

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Quotations for Corona Virus Essay in English for FSC 2nd Year Students

In this post Quotations for Corona Virus Essay in English are being Shared for the students of FSC 2nd Year. Students can write the same Quotes for Essay on Corona Virus or Essay on COVID-19. Not only quotations but students can write the same essay on one of the above-mentioned topics. Corona Virus essay belongs to current affairs. Outstanding students should prepare this essay while going through exam preparation.

Students who are looking for only quotations can copy these quotations from here. In fact, COVID or Corona is a disease that attacks the respiratory system of the body. This disease has obtained the status of the epidemic. Corona Virus is known as COVID-19 because it was first noticed in Wuhan city of China in 2019. This disease has affected the whole world. It affected the whole world not only from the point of view of health but also has destroyed the economy of many countries. This is a disease and people who are affected by Corona get sick by it. So, students can write all the Quotations which they can write for any illness.

COVID-19 Quotes for Class 12

Hereunder I am sharing 18 top Quotations for Corona Virus or COVID 19 Essay. Students of FA, FSC, Icom and ICS should visit English Essays for the 2nd Year to get essays with quotations. There they will find a variety of outstanding and average English Essays. They can copy the complete essay with quotations or only quotations from the essay. Even students of Class 10 can take these quotations for their essay on the same topic.

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