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Paragraph on A Visit to a Museum or A Historical Place in English


Here is a sample Paragraph on a visit to a Museum in English for Class 10 students. This is a simple and important paragraph in short words. You can write the same content if the question is, “Write a Paragraph on A Visit to a Historical Place”. This paragraph is presented here in very easy wording. So, weak students can also prepare it. In this paragraph, you will explain a visit to Lahore Museum and you will also tell about your experience. There are some other English Paragraphs also available.

A Visit to a Museum or Historical Place Paragraph in English for the Students of Class 10 | Sample Paragraph

Last Sunday I visited the Lahore Museum in the company of my friends. it is the largest museum in Pakistan. It is an old building with a high ceiling. The museum is divided into various sections. Collections of different ages have been displayed in these sections. We saw ancient swords, spears, daggers, shields, arrows, bows and helmets there. Ornaments, pottery, coins and stamps attracted us a great deal. Most of the things have been displayed in glass-cases. On most of the items, there were tags to inform visitors of their historical value. There were old manuscripts of the Holy Quran in a room. This pleasant visit provided us with a lot of knowledge and information about history.

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