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English Paragraph on My School for Students


Write a Short Paragraph on My School

In this post, you will find examples of Paragraph on My School for the students of class 10. I always try to share notes for all students. So, in many posts, you will find 2 or more examples of the same thing. So, you find easy and outstanding notes in the same post. My School Paragraph in English is important for the students of Class 7, 9 & 10. They can prepare it as a practice in their studies. This is one of the most important Paragraphs. You should also prepare, short essay on My School. For more similar paragraphs you can visit English Paragraphs.

My School Paragraph in English for the Students of Class 10 in Easy Words

My school’s name is (write the school name here). It is the best school in my area. It is not far away from my house. The building of my school is grand. It was built in 1960. It consists of sixty rooms, a big staff room, a science laboratory, a computer lab, a library and a big hall. They all contribute to the process of our education. And most of all I am grateful to all my teachers. All the teachers at my school are able and kind. They love students like their own children. They not only teach us but also enable us to face the realities of life. Our Headmaster/Principal is an experienced teacher. He takes great interest in his work. There is also a vast playground in our school where we play cricket, hockey and other games. In short, my school has all the facilities that a good school should have. I am proud of my school.

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