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Pakistan National Flower Name in Urdu


In this post, you will information about Pakistan National Flower Name in Urdu and English. This is an important question with the point of view of competitive examination. This question is important for NTS, PPSC, CSS and FPSC. Every citizen of Pakistan Should know the name of symbols of our state. Students should also know that name of Pakistan National Flower is Jasmine and If we write it in Urdu it is (چنبیلی – Chameli). This flower grows up in warm temperature and belongs to the olive family Oleaceae. This flower is used in perfumes and oils besides some other uses.

What is the National Flower of Pakistan in Urdu?

So, if you are searching for Name of National Flower of Pakistan in Urdu or Pakistan ka Qaomi Phool you are at right place. This Question can come into any test in different forms likeSee below:

Jasmine (Chameli) – چنبیلی- یاسمین

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Here is an example of Multiple choice questions about Pakistan’s National Flower?

Pakistan National Flower is ________?

(a) Rose
(b) Jasmine
(c) Lily
(d) Daisy

 (b) Jasmine

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